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March 30, 2013

Keegan Bradley


Q.  Keegan, I know a little disappointing bogey at 18.  Was it that the lie there in the bunker didn't give you a chance to go up against the lip?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I had to lay up on 18.  Waited for the green to clear to not make noise.  It was a really good 2-putt for bogey which was impossible.

Q.  What was really going on with the round of golf out there, it was gettable and did you just play well, make a lot of putts?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I finally made some putts.  You know, I could have had a little lower earlier in the round, but I feel really good going into tomorrow.  Really like this golf course.

Q.  It's such a good golf course.  Everybody when I'm watching it on a hole, everybody misses in the same spot.  They're all reading it.  It's one of those courses you got to kind of learn the greens and really read them.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  The greens are fast, not a lot of grass on them.  But, you know, when you hit in it there close, it makes it a lot easier.

Q.  Your thoughts of going into Sunday?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I know I'm going to have to shoot a really low round to win.  Permit myself in a good position to do that tomorrow.

Q.  Hopefully not Monday?

Q.  Keegan, how about that round, nice move in?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Thank you, yeah.  I feel really good.  Played really solid.  Played really solid all week.  Today, was really fun to get some birdies going, give myself a chance going into tomorrow.

Q.  What was happening for you today?  What part of your game?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Finally made a few putts.  I've been hitting the ball great all week, driving the ball well.  You know, it's just a matter of making putts, obviously, and I did that on the back today.

Q.  How tough was 18 for you today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  18 is tough no matter where the wind is, what tees we play, where the pin is.  Got to hit a good drive.  If you hit a good drive, you've got a tough second shot, but if you hit it in that bunker, I was up against the lip, I had to lay up.  It's a tough shot.

Q.  Looks like there's going to be a dozen people within two shots of the lead.  It's going to be a fun Sunday.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  This course sets up for a lot of really fun stuff that can happen.  Lot of birdies coming down the end, lot of par-5s you can make 3s on.  Should be an exciting day.

Q.  Keegan, we always talk about top players, you played really well this year, but you're sort of building to something.  Do you feel like you're peaking at the right time?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I do.  I feel really solid.  I'm driving the ball really well, which is what you have to do at Augusta.  So, I feel really good, you know, first things first tomorrow, but I feel good going into Augusta.

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