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March 30, 2013

Jason Kokrak


Q.テつ Jason, 1-under here on Saturday.テつ A day where a lot of low scores were shot.
JASON KOKRAK:テつ You know, I'm not too unhappy about it.テつ I didn't hit the ball that great today, didn't hit a lot of fairways like I did the first two days.テつ I'm happy to get it in, 1-under, two good up and downs at 17 and 18.テつ Just left a couple shot here and there, didn't really make as many putts, but looking forward to tomorrow.テつ I'm within striking distance. テつMaybe I'll save my low round for tomorrow.

Q.テつ You're in the mix, as you said.テつ What most excites you by a position you haven't been in too many times before?
JASON KOKRAK:テつ At the Frys last year, I was in there late Sunday.テつ Start of the round there might be the nerves, but today was nice playing with a friend of mine, Steve Wheatcroft.テつ Tomorrow we'll have a lot of fun, whoever I play with.テつ Most likely it will be him.テつ Keep the nerves down and shoot good.

Q.テつ I thought you fought it really well to hold on to the round.
JASON KOKRAK:テつ We didn't put it in the spots like we did the first two rounds in the fairways.テつ Got the ball around.テつ Made a couple key putts, hit a couple good iron shots out there.テつ We saved the low round for Sunday, final round.

Q.テつ The putt you made at 17, you exorcized the demons.テつ They wouldn't fall --
JASON KOKRAK:テつ Lot of them rolling over the edges.テつ Couldn't match up the speed with the line I was taking.テつ Hopefully tomorrow we'll match both of them up and make them all tomorrow.

Q.テつ I know how much you guys playing together will be good.テつ You guys saving the bogey; it was good.
JASON KOKRAK:テつ Probably kept the nerves down playing together.テつ Didn't really feel like a Saturday at a PGA TOUR event.テつ Again, we'll have a lot of fun tomorrow and looking forward to it.

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