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March 29, 2013

Rory McIlroy


Q.テつ Can you just talk about your round a little bit, please?
RORY MCILROY:テつ Yeah.テつ It was okay.テつ It was definitely more consistent today than yesterday.テつ Wasn't any birdies, but I gave myself quite a few chances.テつ All in all, it was okay.テつ It could have been a couple better, but, you know, it was an improvement on yesterday.

Q.テつ Seemed like you knew you had to make some shots to make the cut, you did that.
RORY MCILROY:テつ I played the last few holes well coming in, had a really nice little iron shot into the 7th hole, the par 3, and two great shots -- drive wasn't good, but the second shot was good into the par 5 8th and then nice iron shot into 9 and nearly holed out for birdie.テつ It was nice to be able to play some good shots coming in like that, knowing that I had to.

Q.テつ The guys were asking you how important is it for you to make this cut and to still be able to play?
RORY MCILROY:テつ Yeah.テつ As I said, no one likes missing cuts and especially it's my last one before the Masters.テつ Nice to have another couple of rounds, do some work on the range this afternoon and hopefully improve on the course that I've already done.

Q.テつ You have followers out there, lot of young people out there following you.
RORY MCILROY:テつ I don't know if it was just me.テつ It's good.テつ It's great to have so many people like that right there, and the local community seems to support this tournament very, very well.テつ It's great.テつ It would have been nice to play on a Friday afternoon, probably be a bit more atmosphere than Friday morning, people don't like getting up that early, but it's right there and hopefully they can come back and support for the weekend.

Q.テつ Is that something that was hard for you to get used to or something you accepted?
RORY MCILROY:テつ Gradually just get used to it.テつ Yeah, it's something I've gotten used to.

Q.テつ Scores don't seem to be as low this morning in general.テつ Were conditions the way you expected them to be?
RORY MCILROY:テつ The greens were a little firmer than I thought they would be.テつ They were still quite firm, and the wind, it's not that strong but it's tricky.テつ Sometimes it swirls in these trees and you can get a gust here and there.テつ I'd like the wind to blow a little more this afternoon.

Q.テつ What is the "Dufnering" all about?
RORY MCILROY:テつ It's the best thing ever.テつ I've never had so much entertainment.テつ I was on my own last night in the room and just going through things.テつ The laughs, it's just so much.テつ The first thing I said to Keegan, I saw them this morning, "This is best thing I've ever seen."テつ I texted him last night.テつ It was good entertainment for the night.

Q.テつ Rory, what's your assessment of that second round?
RORY MCILROY:テつ It was a little better.テつ I think there was a lot more consistency in it, wasn't as many loose shots in there and hitting more greens, giving myself plenty of chances for birdies.テつ I actually putted pretty well.テつ A few that didn't drop for me.テつ All in all, it was an improvement on yesterday, which is the main thing.

Q.テつ It's what you needed, a high pressure round of golf, wasn't it?
RORY MCILROY:テつ It didn't feel it for me.テつ But, yeah, I guess in a way, you know, I needed to go out there and shoot a decent score to make sure I was in for the weekend.
I played last few holes really well, and I sort of needed -- I saw that I was 77th when I walked onto the 7th green.テつ I knew I probably needed to make a birdie coming in, which I was able to do.

Q.テつ Which gives you a weekend to build on.
RORY MCILROY:テつ Yeah, exactly.テつ Weekend where I can, you know, have a couple more rounds and try and get confidence in what I'm doing.テつ It feels good.
There's a couple swings out there again today where I was a bit tentative on, if I just let them go, it would be fine.テつ I think it's more a mental thing than a mechanical thing at this point.

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