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March 29, 2013

Ben Crane


Q.テつ Talk about the wind today.
BEN CRANE:テつ The wind certainly makes the golf course tough, but the toughest thing people might not know is putting.テつ You start playing wind, you got a little bit of grain, slope, speed.テつ Some of those down-grain, you know, into-the-wind putts are slow when they're normally super fast.テつ The wind is definitely this course biggest offense, and if the wind is not blowing, you're going to make some birdies, and when it is, it's just a tough golf course and par is a pretty good score.

Q.テつ Morning rounds be easier than afternoon guys?
BEN CRANE:テつ Certainly the greens will dry out and the wind will probably continue to blow pretty steady this afternoon.テつ The morning rounds will have a one-stroke advantage on the afternoon round.

Q.テつ What are you hoping for?
BEN CRANE:テつ I'm just hoping to shoot a low score.テつ They say the low score wins around here.

Q.テつ Ben, just a quick comment, just bypass 18 the next couple days and you'll be all right.
BEN CRANE:テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ The hole got you two days in a row.
BEN CRANE:テつ It's one of the toughest plays we play.テつ You got to hit a great shot down there, tee shot and avoid the bunker and the water down the left and anyway, just playing really well, which I'm excited by and excited to have an opportunity this weekend.

Q.テつ Just those two bogies through 36.テつ Just comment a little bit with your thoughts on the weekend.
BEN CRANE:テつ I've been putting great and been putting great last few weeks, and so that's really kind of opening things up, and when you're putting well, doesn't put as much pressure on the rest of the game, you don't feel like you got to knock it in there 5 feet.テつ I'm trying to get the ball on the green and give myself an opportunity and just thankful I'm playing a little better.

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