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March 24, 2013

Faith Mimnaugh

Caroline Reeves

Molly Schlemer


Penn State – 85
Cal Poly – 55

THE MODERATOR:  We'll go ahead and get started with an opening statement from coach and then questions for the student‑athletes.
COACH MIMNAUGH:  Well their size really presented some major problems for us, both in just entry passes and for us to get into the offense, it made it really tough for us to have any kind of flow because of their defensive presence.  And then they had their post game, they're just some big mama's.  The big mamas were throwing us around like rag dolls.  But they played an awesome game both offensively and defensively.  They were very clearly the superior team today.

Q.  How much did the 3‑pointer at the end of the half‑‑ how much did that hurt?
MOLLY SCHLEMER:  Well I was ‑‑ it was pretty, I take responsibility for it, but she's a great shooter, player, and she's made the Big‑10 Player of the Year for a reason.
So I knew that taking away her right hand, I didn't do that and she punished me for it.  So she just had some amazing shooting and that was an incredible shot to shoot it over me, because I'm kind of tall.
CAROLINE REEVES:  I also should have taken away her right hand so it was a very good shot.  It was a moment to go into the half down 10 points but she's a great player and we just had to try to come back from there.

Q.  Molly, first 10 minutes you had 12 points and then they kind of stretched you down a little bit until I guess midway through the second half there.  Did they make any adjustments on you at that point?
MOLLY SCHLEMER:  They began to front me a little more because they started off just playing behind me and that's my favorite thing for a defender to do.  So they got more in front of me and it got harder for the passing lane from the guard to get to me.  So they did a great adjustment today.

Q.  For coach and Caroline.  Talk about their full court press and kind of the pressure they put on you and how that kind of caused y'all problems.
COACH MIMNAUGH:  Well, for us, Griffin, who was injured in her last game of our conference game, she's handled that responsibility almost solely this year.  And Caroline has been one of our leading people to get out on the break.  She runs her butt off so hard.  So for her to make the adjustment from sprinting up the court to actually having to stay back and inbound the ball.  We didn't get the same kind of movement that we normally get where Kayla was trained to just grab the ball out of the net and inbound it quickly and go.
So that was really a disruption for us.  Had we had Kayla, I think that we would have not had as many problems.  Caroline did an excellent job I felt like of making decisions with her passes, but we just weren't in our flow because of that change in personnel.
CAROLINE REEVES:  One thing Kayla brings is pushing the ball really hard.  So we did get past their press, it was just a little slower than normal, so.

Q.  Molly, coach said it pretty well about the big mamas.  What was that like trying to deal with so many big bodies coming at you?
MOLLY SCHLEMER:  It's completely different from our conference.  They're the biggest people we have seen by a long shot.
But it was a good experience to play against people my size who I'm not really used to, and I was wondering what it was like and it's really difficult.  They pushed us around, they have strong bodies.  But it was like nothing I had ever experienced before, at least three of their players were at least all my size and that never happens.

Q.  For all three of you, it wasn't the outcome you wanted, but just the whole season up to this point, you beat the odds and come here for the first time.  What does this whole experience been like for y'all and what do you take away from it?
COACH MIMNAUGH:  Well I'm really proud of our team.  I think that we represented Cal Poly well and I hope that we represented the Big West well.  They definitely are first class people and I think you can see that by how hard they played.  And they weren't as gifted athletically as our opponent today, but you couldn't fault their hearts, that's for sure.  And I'm really, really proud of what they have accomplished.

Q.  Caroline, yesterday you seemed to be in a just glad to be here type of mode.  But you went out and competed well in the first half until that, until that shot sort of did it .  Tell me, how do you feel like y'all overcame that sense of wow and at least through the first half played them pretty heads up.
CAROLINE REEVES:  I think it was just realizing that we're just out here playing basketball.  We're just going to do the same thing we do every day, just keep working hard.  So it was encouraging to stick in there with them and yeah, so that's about it.

Q.  Faith, how big a factor was their depth in this ball game?
COACH MIMNAUGH:  Well, usually as I said, we normally maybe see one big.  It was like a wrestling match.  Tag team, Brutus comes in and pounds somebody and then Dino comes in, you know, Thor.  They all come in.  And it was just a constant barrage of just trying to body Molly as much as they could there.  It was really effective.
And we only got one Molly and she logged a lot of minutes for us today and we're proud of her.  It just seemed like a little unfair of a fight, to be honest.  It felt like five against one.  Because they just got their tag team going on.

Q.  In particular where do you feel like it got away in the second half?
COACH MIMNAUGH:  I thought we made a couple critical errors as far as saving loose balls and coming in getting easy lay‑ups.  They pounded the offensive glass and any time they got on the offensive glass it was going to be another layup.  So we felt like we didn't do as good a job as we needed to know the defensive glass.  I thought that them knocking down a couple threes too really kind of crushed us a little bit.  We had a difficult time from the 3‑point line tonight and normally Ariana can knock some things down for us and between our guards I think we were like 3‑35 or something crazy like that.  So because of their size and their athleticism, there's like, okay, let's take the first shot that we can take because we may not get another look.  And I felt like we rushed some of our shots, but again, because of their size, they're just so big everywhere on the court.  We had six‑four sometimes guarding our five‑five.  So our guards really couldn't get past them either, they were so athletic.  So anything we had, mismatch‑wise, I felt like we probably, at the 17 or 16 minute mark in the second half, I want to say that they knocked down a three and I felt like we just never could recover.

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