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August 30, 2002

Juan Ignacio Chela


Q. You play Tim Henman next. This may be a good match to win before him because he likes to serve-and-volley, he likes to be around the net, he likes to give you a target. Does this help you get ready for Henman?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Well, it's better for me to play Llodra and then next Henman.

Q. One is left-handed and one is right-handed, but still it's a good warm-up?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Yeah, with Tim, it's much better than the other. It will be a really tough match. I'm really confident.

Q. You played Tim at Monte Carlo?


Q. What happened?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: 1-1. He beat me this year, 6-4 in the third and three years ago, I won 6-4 in the third.

Q. On clay?


Q. He's even more dangerous of course on hard court?


Q. When we last saw you at Key Biscayne, you played great. Your first serve you were having a lot of trouble getting your first serves in, but now you are getting them in. Have you changed something there?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: I work very to my serve-and-volley and everything.

Q. Have you slowed your first serve down to get more in?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Yeah, I'm working too much on my serve, first serve and second serve, also.

Q. But at Key Biscayne, maybe where you were getting 42 percent, 40 percent of your first serves in, now today it's 60 percent of your first serves. Have you taken some of the speed off to make sure that the first serve gets in?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Maybe I want to put in the first serve now. Maybe I'm serving it more slowly.

Q. Are you a player, like Lleyton Hewitt, who likes to have a target up at the net that you can pass?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Yeah, I'm from Argentina, you know. We don't play too much in the net, on the net. We are playing always on the right side.

Q. When you have Henman or Llodra at the net as a target, does it give --

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: You have to be very focused, to make a passing shot.

Q. What gives you the most trouble with Henman's game?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Well, to break his serve. His serve is very good.

Q. He's slowed his serve down, and he's relying more on his valley than the serve as he was in the past. That gives you a little bit better look at the return; is that good for you or not so good?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: Yeah, it's good. His serve is so good; I'm ready with my return.

Q. Will Canas be able to play the Davis Cup or not?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: I don't know. We don't know yet.

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