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March 20, 2013

Ryan Broekhoff

Erik Buggs

Bryce Drew

Kevin Van Wijk


MODERATOR:テつ We'll start the press conference with Coach Drew making an opening statement.
COACH DREW:テつ You know, we're really excited to be here.テつ We're extremely excited that we're only four hours from home so our fans can drive and see the game.
Historically we've always been sent out west or far away where our fans can't come.テつ So it will be refreshing to hopefully have some yellow in the stands tomorrow.
Real excited for our seniors.テつ We have three here.テつ We have three others on our team.テつ And you know this was their big goal is they wanted to make the NCAA tournament.テつ We had a tough loss last year against Detroit in our conference finals and I think they had a chip on their shoulder all year to get back to that point and have the opportunity to come to the NCAA tournament.
So they know this is their first and only NCAA tournament and I think we're all excited to get to the game tomorrow.
MODERATOR:テつ Questions for the student-athletes?

Q.テつ Coach and for each of the players, can you talk about having so many seniors, how much of a benefit it was this season in different situations and how much you hope it can help you possibly pull off an upset here tomorrow?
RYAN BROEKHOFF:テつ Having so many experienced players has really come out in pivotal points throughout the season and you know there's been times where we've been playing bad and we've been down double digits maybe in the second half.テつ Having that experienced group, that core group of guys, you know, sticking together, we kind of work through situations that maybe in years past we would have folded.
You know, it's been a remarkable year being able to play with your closest friends and be able to have this four-year journey with some fantastic guys.
That bond is really shared on the basketball court.

Q.テつ For any of you, you play games in Detroit.テつ Does this help that it's a city that you're used to?
KEVIN VAN WIJK:テつ I think it doesn't really matter.テつ I think for me, you know, it's just last year we were playing and I don't think we -- we have some bad memories here and obviously some good ones.
And I think having to play here, I think we do need to think about the past, need to think about what's ahead of us, and we got important games.テつ So we don't need to worry about what we did before here.テつ We just need to worry about what we're going to do.
ERIK BUGGS:テつ Like Kevin said, I mean, location isn't that big of a deal.テつ I mean, it's great because it's close and, you know, easier for our fans to travel but it's definitely a business trip.テつ I mean, you enjoy a moment off the court, and when you step on the court it's all about business.

Q.テつ For Kevin, just want to know what you think of Derrick Nix after watching film of him?
KEVIN VAN WIJK:テつ Well, obviously he's a great player.テつ He's a physical player.
He's shown great basketball throughout the years that he's been playing.テつ I mean, he's going to -- played against some similar guys during the conference.テつ So I'm really looking forward to playing against him and it's going to be a great match up.

Q.テつ I was wondering if a couple of the players could talk about the family atmosphere at Valparaiso with it being father and son coaches?
RYAN BROEKHOFF:テつ Yeah, having Brian Homer and Bryce be coaches over my four years has been a huge blessing.テつ You know, it really has been a big family atmosphere all four years.
You know, that's not just through the coaches, but through the players as well.テつ Both coaches did a great job recruiting not just good basketball players, but good people.
You know, us as a family, basketball players, you know, we get along so well on and off the court.テつ We're not just a team that turns up to practice.テつ We hang out outside.テつ We have this real close bond and, you know, the four years I spent year has really been a family.
ERIK BUGGS:テつ Like Ryan said, Coach Drew and Coach Homer, they really preach family.
It kind of trickles down into the players.テつ I mean, it's been a great time being here at Valpo, not just on the court but off the court.
We're brothers, and I think that carries over into our play.
KEVIN VAN WIJK:テつ Well, I think me only being here for three years, I think playing under both coaches, I think it's great to have two different views.テつ Even off the court we still see Coach Homer quite often and he always talks with us.
I think it's just the great atmosphere and great bond we have with both coaches and being able to continue to talk with them, it's a blessing like Ryan said.

Q.テつ Quick question for Ryan.テつ Do you know Dellavedova or any of the St. Mary's players all that well and are you going to get a chance to see them play at all?
RYAN BROEKHOFF:テつ I know all four of the guys at St. Mary's.テつ I spent two years with them back in Australia.テつ The Australian Institute of Sports.テつ So, you know, I kept -- I watched the game last night and obviously was excited to see them win.
If all things go well, we might end up playing them in the next round, but we don't look too forward ahead, but to have, you know, more Australians be represented at good colleges over here, it really speaks volumes of how basketball in Australia is going and how it's building.

Q.テつ Erik, us I was wondering if you looked at the match up of Keith Appling very much?
ERIK BUGGS:テつ I mean, Keith Appling, he's a great player.テつ He has a great feel for the game.テつ I watched him in film.テつ He's very quick and he's a really explosive scorer.
I think he's one of the big keys for them.
I mean, I think that match up will be pivotal Thursday.テつ Ryan, this was the goal.
But have you guys been able to enjoy this?
RYAN BROEKHOFF:テつ Yeah, I think the closer the games come, you know, the more I've seemed to enjoy it.テつ It's kind of sunk in that we have kind of completed one of our goals.
Obviously we still have goals in mind that we set at the start of the year.
It is a business trip in the end.テつ We'll enjoy the experience, but once, you know, you walk over those lines and the ball's thrown up, it's all about business and we're out here to not just make up the numbers but to really give it a good effort and give our best.
Anything can happen in games like this.
MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, student-athletes.
Coach Drew will now be available for questions.

Q.テつ Coach, I'm wondering what goes through your mind when you see the shot played this time of year, other times of year and do you use that all in recruiting with parents or kids?
COACH DREW:テつ I definitely get excited to see it was such a great moment.テつ Such a blessing for myself, our family, our program, our University, our community.
And in recruiting, absolutely not.テつ Do not use any recruiting.テつ I think the last thing that players want to here is a coach talk about himself or what he's done.テつ So that's usually never brought up.

Q.テつ Coach, what is the biggest surprise that you've gotten from watching Michigan State on film that you didn't necessarily expect when you headed into scouting them?
COACH DREW:テつ You know, I think they can beat you in so many different ways.テつ They can beat you on the perimeter, they can beat you inside.テつ They can beat you on defense, they can beat you on the boards.テつ They can beat you in transition.
There's so many different factors.テつ It's not really one or two that, you know, hey, if we do this we have a great chance.テつ I think it's a collective \effort\every time across the board trying to keep alive those different areas, you know, down and into a manageable margin or area.

Q.テつ When I mentioned to the players if you could address that, how special it is to have your dad and your mom involved?
COACH DREW:テつ I think the family atmosphere has definitely helped our team this year.テつ Their best friends off the court.テつ Sometimes the coaches joke maybe they're too good of friends off the court.
But they just enjoy being around each other. テつI think they have a lot in common.
Coming from different backgrounds but yet have really formed a great bond in college.
I think in a lot of close games or when you go through adversity, I think their togetherness has really been an asset for us this year.
On a personal level, you know, my dad has you know coached the Valpo for over 20 years and recruited some of these players.テつ To have them be part of that moment I thought was only fitting.

Q.テつ For your mom as well?
COACH DREW:テつ It's been a struggle for the last year and a half.テつ So to have that moment, you know, it was pretty special, especially on a court that was named after my father, you know, Homer Drew Court for what he'd accomplished at Valpo.

Q.テつ Coach, obviously you're focused on Michigan State but have you had much of a chance to see Nate Wolters shoot and can you talk a little bit about his ability?
COACH DREW:テつ Nate's a tremendous player.テつ Actually got to see him.テつ They played Baylor.テつ My brother's the head coach of Baylor, played him last year in the first round of the tournament.テつ And sensational play.テつ I followed some of the stats this year and some of the numbers he's put up and just had an extraordinary year.
Great shooter but he's also -- I mean he's athletic.テつ He can get to spots on the floor, get in the lane and finish with floaters and he's very crafty.
And with his size he uses, it as a big advantage to pass around guys or shoot over guys.
So he's an excellent player and I would suspect we see him in the NBA next year.

Q. テつI was wondering what makes Ryan such a unique scorer?
COACH DREW:テつ Ryan, he's kind of the ultimate team player, but yet he's so talented he stands out as being a star.
Him and many of those other players from Australia, they're very team oriented.テつ It's all about team, team concept.
And Ryan's the same way.テつ You know, if we need rebounding, he'll come up with some rebounds.テつ If we need scoring he'll come up with scoring.
What I love about him most is he just loves to compete, he loves to win.
As you can see he doesn't have the biggest frame.テつ He's not a lot of -- doesn't have a lot of pounds on him but he is our leading rebounder because he has a desire to want to go get the ball.
That's what's helped make him successful.

Q.テつ How do you think winning tomorrow would compare to winning as a player?
COACH DREW:テつ You know, winning as a player in the moment and you really don't process, I don't think, as much on both ends of the spectrum.テつ You're just so focused on what you have to do.テつ I think as a coach, you know, you have to be ready for all types of scenarios in the games.テつ You're constantly thinking of different scenarios, how to react if this happens, if this happens, to be well prepared and right now, you know, our main focus all week has just been Michigan State and basically just that first possession, the first four minutes and going forth.
I think as a coach I'd be definitely more excited for the players and I'm more excited for our fans.
As a player, you know, more excited just for me and the team but as a coach I think you're excited for everybody involved.

Q.テつ Could you talk about the challenge that Derrick Nix presents?
COACH DREW:テつ Nix has done an excellent job with his body getting in shape.
He moves, you know, very well for his size, and I think you got to credit the Michigan State coaches for their development.
When players come into Michigan State and when they leave, you can see a huge progress of their skill, of just their body, of the improvements that they make.
And we have played a couple players that have been, you know, 260 plus this year.テつ I think, you know, he's probably a little more skilled around the basket and has a little quicker feet.テつ So he'll definitely be a load.テつ He'll definitely be a challenge for us.

Q.テつ Bryce, I was wondering, has anyone like Adreian Payne guarded Broekhoff this year?
COACH DREW:テつ Adreian's a sensational athlete.
You know, he's extremely long, and what I've enjoyed watching on film recently.テつ The energy he plays with and the emotion that he brings to the game.
And, you know, Ryan's kind of a unique player for us.テつ He's kind of a perimeter player, but he plays some of the floor for us and we've seen all types of matches.テつ We've seen the five man on him.テつ We've seen the one man on him.テつ So our team has seen all types of different people and he's had all different types guard him.
So we'll have to wait and see how Michigan State matches up if they put Dawson, if they put Payne, if they put a smaller guy, if they switch screens on him or what they do.テつ But Ryan's pretty used to -- he's seen about everything in the last couple years here.
MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, Coach.

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