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September 3, 2002

Juan Ignacio Chela


MODERATOR: Michelle Martinez is going to do the translation. We'll take questions.

Q. In the seventh game of the second set where Andy produced the great point, you hit the lob volley, did that psychologically damage you in this match?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: It didn't really change his attitude that much, but he felt that it probably affected Andy a little bit more. He may have been a little bit broken in his confidence, but he thought it was more a change on Roddick's part.

Q. He's a very enthusiastic player, slapping hands with the crowd. Does that bother you? Is that fun to see?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: He knows that Roddick is that way. He's played him before. He also knew that the crowd was in that favor. But it didn't affect him, it didn't bother him. It actually kind of got him pumped up, too.

Q. At Key Biscayne you broke Andy down with your groundstrokes. Today he was very competitive with you, may have broken you down. How could that happen?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: He says all matches are different. He thinks he played well in Miami, but he thinks that Andy just played better.

Q. Do you think he's ready to become a Grand Slam winner? Is his game at that point right now?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: He thinks, yeah, he's got a good serve and he has a winning attitude.

Q. In what stage of this match do you believe you began to lose your edge?

JUAN IGNACIO CHELA: He thinks that he was doing well when he was one set up, when he had that long point, that there was a change in momentum. He thinks that's what affected it.

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