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September 28, 2005

Adam Scott


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome Adam Scott to the 2005 Chrysler Classic of Greensboro. Adam coming off a 3 1 1 record at last week's Presidents Cup. I know you're disappointed in the way the team finished, but you have to be happy with the way your teams in particular fared last week.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I had a good week last week. Just, as you said, disappointing not to win. You know, disappointing for me to lose my singles on Sunday after such a good start to the week. You know, I played pretty good all week. I played good on Sunday. Jim played better. Got to move on.

TODD BUDNICK: You won once unofficially on TOUR here this year at the Nissan Open back in February, and just a couple weeks overseas at the Singapore Open. Kind of summarize your season to date, how you feel. You were a little unsure of your game before you went home for the Singapore Open.

ADAM SCOTT: It was not so much unsure of my game, it was just time for a break. I was playing well, but not getting anything out of my game. It was time to take a break, head home, recharge. I won in Singapore. That was my third win for the year.

You know, obviously it's been a pretty good year. I don't know, I think I need a win over here to be happy with the result. Two rounds... I think testing yourself over four rounds is worthy of getting to Mercedes. That's what I'm aiming for before the end of the year.

TODD BUDNICK: You've had a chance to take a look at the course the first time. Give us a little assessment of what you saw out there.

ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's a little bit damp. That's the only thing I'd say that is holding the course up at the moment. But the rest of it's fantastic. I think it's very straightforward, and that's the way I like to see golf courses. No tricks out there. The greens are rolling nice and true. I think the rain, the water on them, probably slowed them down a little bit, but they'll pick up over the week.

I think we've got a good challenge out there. Rewarding good shots at the moment. You know, just looking forward to getting out there and playing back over here again.

TODD BUDNICK: We'll take some questions.

Q. What is your theory on playing fall tournaments, in general? After the PGA, kind of drops off over here. Obviously you're playing toward something still. Is that pretty much what the fall is all about? When you hear complaints from some of the other players that they don't want to play fall events...

ADAM SCOTT: No, I don't have a problem playing fall events, especially if a lot of other players don't want to, that's a better chance for me (smiling).

No, I'm playing towards THE TOUR Championship. I'm still trying to get myself in the Tournament of Champions. I've got a lot to play for still. Finish higher up on the Money List. There's so many things to play for. Every week, there seems to be something to play for.

You know, it's a pretty year round thing. I try and balance the whole year out because I play right through into December in Australia, so I've got to like balance it. It's not that I'm playing less in the fall than any other time of the year, I just kind of keep a steady rate of golf tournaments.

Q. One of the complaints is that the season is too long. If you're going to play all year anyway...

ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's a tough thing for me to answer that because maybe it is a bit too long because the tournaments in Australia are pushed so late. That's why I play into December, because for me to play at home, we've got to play late in the year.

I think the TOUR has done such a good job over here, the demand for tournaments is so high, it's pushed us way back later. I'd like to finish earlier and have all of December off. That would be really nice. At the moment, that can't happen. That's why I just kind of pace myself through the year so I can make it into December.

Q. Does this course remind you of any other course? Do you play Bermuda a lot, trees?

ADAM SCOTT: The grass reminds me a lot of what I grew up playing on in Queensland, is Bermuda grass. Wish we had banked greens at home, though. We don't. You know, looking at it, yeah, I mean, I think it's a pretty typical course like they have in the South here. I played a fair bit of amateur golf down here. The Dogwood I played in, a few other courses. Kind of the trees, the subtle slopes of the golf course are all pretty similar around this area.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Adam.

End of FastScripts.

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