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March 15, 2013

Angelique Kerber


2‑6, 6‑4, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  What happened after the first set and up a break in the second?  Did something change in the game?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  No, I think she was playing better then.  It was a tough match from the beginning.  I start very well, but, yeah, she find to her game in the second set.
And it was not easy for me, but I think it was a close and good match.
At the end I think she won important points, and, yeah, and won the match.

Q.  You came in having beaten her three straight times.  What did you see today in the way that Caroline played that maybe was different than the three matches you guys have played before?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yeah, I think she was moving better and hit the ball a little bit higher.
Yeah, every match start from zero, and I was not thinking about the last matches.  I was just try to focusing on this match.  It's not easy to lose a match like this, but well done to her.
Yeah.  Now it's the next tournament for me.

Q.  You talked about her hitting the balls higher.  There were a lot of high balls in this match.  When you're playing a point where it's high ball after high ball, what are you thinking?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  What I'm thinking...  I don't know.  I try to play the point.  Doesn't matter if it's high or if it's flat.
It's a different style of game, but it's tennis.

Q.  The higher balls, she only started doing them a few games into the match.  Do you think they were part of what changed the momentum of this match?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I think maybe, maybe a little bit because I was not expect these balls.
Yeah, maybe, but I don't know.

Q.  You hit a bunch of your own, too.  Is it one of those things where one player starts doing it and sort of everybody starts doing it?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  It's like this, yeah.

Q.  Did you have any problems with your back?  Sometimes it looked like maybe you were...
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yeah, I was feel it in the third set a little bit.  But, yeah, I will do now some treatments and hope it will be better or good tomorrow.
So I will see tomorrow.

Q.  You're not worried about next week?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  We will see.  I don't know.  I will see.  Now it's, you know, after the match directly so everything is warm.  So now I need to cool down, and then I will see what's going on with my back.
I hope it will be fine, yeah.  I think it's okay.  It's not too bad.

Q.  Both of you had your coaches out during the match a few times.  Did you notice that especially early in the match especially after her dad came out that her game changed a lot?  Does that happen sometimes when your opponent takes a...
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Of course.  That's why we have the coaching.  Sometimes it's helping you or sometimes it's helping the opponent.
I think it's good to have the coaching because also for me it's good.  I like it, so yeah.

Q.  Did you and your coach talk about how to adjust to the high balls?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yeah.  He was telling me that, yeah, go and try and hit the balls.  But it's not easy, of course, because you want to win the points.
I was try my best today, but I'm not win the match.  I think it's okay.  I get to the semis after, yeah, good two weeks here, so I think everything is good.

Q.  Do you think she's back at her best level, Caroline?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I think, yeah, she's coming back, for sure.  She played very well in also the last matches here, and I think she is coming back, for sure.
But I think she was still there, so she never...

Q.  She dropped in the rankings, though.
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  But she dropped, I don't know, maybe three, four places.  Not too much, I think.

Q.  Was there a point in that second set where it felt like when Caroline started getting momentum against you?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  There was a lot of points like this, but...
Yeah, maybe, but...

Q.  What about I think the seventh game?  You had ten deuces.
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I actually don't remember right now really, because it was so close match and I was just focusing on every point each.  There was a lot of points like close ones, so I don't know which one you mean.  (Smiling.)

Q.  Going back to the high balls, we see that a lot kind of in the junior ranks, and sometimes obviously when you're younger you practice how to hit that ball back and what to do tactically with it.  Is it just kind of something that as you become a pro, and as many of the pros have become professional, it's just not a shot that you practice returning as much these days?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Of course I also practicing the balls, but, yeah, I think, you know, I was trying the best.
And I missed a lot of shots like this, but maybe next time I will hit it in the court.  So it's, you know, it's every day different.  Today I missed a lot of these balls, and, yeah, maybe next time it will be better.

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