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September 8, 1992

Michael Chang


Q. Can You describe the fourth set and how you felt during it when you started to get your game back; really when you started to take over that set?

MICHAEL CHANG: I didn't think that I started to get my game back. I thought that I was playing my game throughout the whole match. I mean, the first set worked out well. I think that the first set, Mal wasn't really into it. He hit a heck of a lot of errors-- more errors than normal. Second and third set, he picked it up. He picked his game up, and didn't miss a whole lot of balls, and you know, really didn't give me a whole lot of opportunities to attack him, and you know, it became difficult to play. I wasn't winning the long rallies. Mal was coming in effectively, and you know, second and third set was really, you know, all Washington. You know, the fourth set I had to do something. I had to take a few more chances; started to come in, and he started missing a little bit, and that is, really, I think what got me back in the match.

Q. Kind of dodged a bullet tonight?

MICHAEL CHANG: I dodged a few bullets tonight. I think I was fortunate to get out of this one. Mal is a very, very tough player. He really has improved his game from the juniors, and you know, I think that he is definitely a person that is going to be tough in the future. I played him earlier in the year. I lost to him in straight sets in Memphis. That was in the back of my mind. I tried to learn from that match and I was fortunate that you know, I was starting to attack; he started to miss a little bit more. I stuck with the game plan and it was able to work out okay.

Q. You are being more aggressive on the court; coming to the net more than in the past. How much has it helped you?

MICHAEL CHANG: It helped me a lot in this game, in this match, particularly, because I was able to play a style other than just at the back. I mean, I played from the back today and the first set I was okay, the second and third set, I was losing. I was losing with my own game; playing from the back, rallying; waiting for my opportunity. Mal was just playing his game better. You know, so I think that I was fortunate that, you know, I was able to attack. I was able to hit a few volley winners and I think that you know, I was lucky that I had something else to go to.

Q. Michael, there is two ways to look at a match like this; that it was good to play a tough five set match or it is bad because it wasn't easy. What do you think it's going to be?

MICHAEL CHANG: It is really tough to say because there have been times where you take Becker a few years ago where he had that really tough match against Rostagno. I think in turn, it helped him to become mentally tougher throughout the whole tournament, but you know, I think that if you ever come out of these tough matches, it should help you later in the tournament. If you have too many of them, it can kind of go the other way for you because it can wear you down and you can get tired mentally. It is tough playing a two week tournament; best of five and having to win seven straight matches in a row to win the tournament.

Q. Were you cramping on the court?


Q. There are not too many more opportunities--

MICHAEL CHANG: No, I am actually very happy to get through the round of 16. It has been my stumbling block in not just this tournament, but you know, in Wimbledon I got there a couple of times, and you know, it is nice to finally get over that hump.

Q. What are your thoughts about playing Ferreira?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think Ferreira is going to be a tough match. He is a great all-around court player; won on every single surface this year, and you know, all I can say it is going to be a tough match. I played him two years ago. I think I had beat him 7-5 in the third, so I expect a very, very tough match.

Q. Thank you very much.

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