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March 15, 2013

Langston Galloway

Phil Martelli


VCU – 82

THE MODERATOR:  Opening statement from Coach Martelli and then questions for Langston Galloway.  Coach, please.
COACH MARTELLI:  I just complimented my team, told them that they played hard.  We asked them to play a full 40.  Actually, we played 'til the last possession there.  We didn't play well, but we played hard.
Missed opportunities in the first half.  It opens with a breakaway.  And the free‑throw line let us down the entire game, especially in the first half.  Really, that was a nice tempo.  You know, if you extrapolate that out, that's 66 points.  We could get there.  We're not going to get there 83, 84, 85, which we had to do.  Had some not empty possessions, but empty positions.  We didn't get everything out of the positions tonight.  Playing against teams with that kind of firepower, you need everything going for you.

Q.  Langston, can you talk about how this team, you looked very [indiscernible], kept fighting and came back?
LANGSTON GALLOWAY:  I mean, Coach just said to keep playing hard and give it all.  That's what we did.  He said play all 40 minutes.  We wanted to keep fighting and hoping it could turn around.

Q.  You guys played these guys earlier in the year, but now playing them for the second game, two days in a row, did you feel that effect in your legs a little bit?
LANGSTON GALLOWAY:  Not at all.  I mean, we got some good rest last night.  And I personally got good rest.  And I feel like we came out and played hard.  The ball didn't go in the hoop tonight.

Q.  Can you talk about how difficult it was from the three‑point line [inaudible].
LANGSTON GALLOWAY:  Well, we messed up on a couple.  They hit jumpers when they needed to, and that was the difference in the game.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for the coach.

Q.  Coach, can you talk about the players [indiscernible] tonight.
COACH MARTELLI:  Scored a lot of points.

Q.  It didn't seem like it was necessarily that their [inaudible].
COACH MARTELLI:  We didn't do a very good job, Mike, with how quickly they moved the ball.  That's my responsibility to explain that more to them.  We did an extensive scouting report today.  But the ball was really hot for them.  Very, very hot.  And those‑‑ that ball movement, and then we had some assignments, we had some assignments that we thought were sound.  Maybe we didn't have‑‑ maybe it wasn't explained well enough.  But we missed assignments in some of that run, and we, like some young players, most young players, we dropped our head a little bit when the ball wasn't going in.
Let me just follow that up.  Like when your team loses, scoring points means nothing.  So nobody on our team played well.  We lost.

Q.  Phil, what [indiscernible] technical and how big an effect did that have?
COACH MARTELLI:  I don't quite know, and I'm not‑‑ they said when he went by somebody, that they interpreted that he threw his elbow back at the guy and caught him in the chin or the throat.  I don't know.  I mean, I have nothing but praise for those guys.  They‑‑ it was a hard game right in the very beginning, but it's the most time that I've met with a referee in all of my time.  We had three meetings.  I thought I was being called to the principal's office, that I had done something wrong.  But they said that‑‑ and to be honest with you, it was just playing the game, so to speak.  So I think it took it‑‑ I thought we had a bucket and a foul to cut it from 8 to 5, and it went the other way, and it was ten.  It didn't stop us from playing.  I tried not to dwell on it in my own head, because I thought it was a hard game, because I did think that both teams played probably at times too hard.

Q.  Phil, again, I know the main thing is to win, but is there anything positive you can take out of the last two nights here?
COACH MARTELLI:  Not all losses are losing experiences and not all wins are winning experiences.  I compliment, as I said in the beginning, I compliment my team.  We asked them to play a full 40 minutes.  They played a full 40 minutes.  But you get a scholarship to play hard and you have to play well.  I don't think we played particularly well for long stretches of this game.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, everybody.

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