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March 15, 2013

Seth Curry

Mike Krzyzewski

Mason Plumlee


Maryland: 83
Duke: 74

COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  Congratulations to Maryland.  You know, they were a hungry team.  I didn't think we were hungry tonight.  The hungry team‑‑ they were playing‑‑ they're trying to survive, and they played like it.  A lot of teams in that position sometimes get nervous or they make a lot of mistakes and instead, Maryland rose to the occasion.
A lot about tonight is not us, about what we didn't do, it's about Maryland.  I thought they were terrific and Dez Wells built on his performance from last night.  A lot of times in tournaments, when one player elevates his game‑‑ he's had a good year and he's a really good player.  But in these two games he's elevated himself to really a high level.  You can bring everybody with you.  You start playing with a guy who is doing that, and with that sense of urgency, again, they were deserving of winning.
For us, we were not hungry tonight.  Whether we're pacing ourselves or thought we could‑‑ we weren't the Duke team that's played most of this season.  Especially the last couple of weeks.  I'm disappointed in our performance, but I'm also very impressed with the performance of Maryland.

Q.  Coach, there is a stretch probably six to eight minutes in the game Ryan Kelly was out.  What was that?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  Did you see they had four guards in?  We couldn't play defense.  If you saw that, that answers the question.  Ryan is not‑‑ he's not‑‑ look, he's back, but he's not in the shape that he would be normally and so we had to try to match them and‑‑ we were playing catch‑up the whole time.  We got it down to 2 and Mason got inside and we got that charge call, and that was a pivotal time because we had a chance and then they exploded again to a double‑figure lead.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about the 3‑point shooting on both sides.  Over the season you have been the best 3‑point shooting team in the league and the best at defend it go.  They shot well from three and you guys didn't, was that them or you?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  It's a hell of a thing, it's a phenomenon, you witnessed an amazing thing.  I just wish we were the thing that was amazing.  That's what happens in the game.  It's why stats and all that are‑‑ those are things that people like to play around with.  When people are put in a position where they have to win, a lot of times they elevate, Maryland was stupendous tonight.  I can say all the things we did wrong, but to me they did their things right better than we did our things wrong.  They were a terrific basketball team tonight.

Q.  As disappointing as this is, now that it's done, could you turn this into a positive with, A, the rest and B, the practice time between now and when you play next?
SETH CURRY:  I don't see any positive right now, we wanted to come in and play, get better and today we took a step back.  We learned some things we need to do better but it's going to be a good week of practice for us and we wanted to use this tournament to build and get better, and we didn't do that today.
MASON PLUMLEE:  We have to have a good week of practice.  There is no time to start questioning things, but at the same time we have to right the ship going forward.  This happens next week, we're done.

Q.  Seth, you said you learned some things that you need to do better what did you learn from this game?
SETH CURRY:  We need to be sharper, play harder from the start.  Things like that.  We got to share the ball and we just‑‑ we didn't come out to the game matching their energy and I mean, we do that next week, it's over, like Mason says.  It's tournament format, we got to get off to better starts and things like that.

Q.  Mason, it seemed like you established some offensive momentum in the second half and every time you guys did, they had an answer.  How deflating was that?
MASON PLUMLEE:  To put a run together you got to get stops.  I thought the three they hit in the corner off our initial‑‑ we came right out of the half and scored, they seemed to always have an answer.  That's how they kept us from getting back in the game.

Q.  Seth, did you guys feel like you were getting good looks from beyond the arc tonight or what goes into you not shooting as well as you do regularly?
SETH CURRY:  We got a lot of good looks but our offense wasn't sharp from the start, we weren't cutting hard, things like that, screening hard, things like that, so that kinda‑‑ that always plays into how you're shooting.  Like I said we didn't match the energy from the start.

Q.  Mike, what will be your regimen as you prepare for the next tournament?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  We will try to figure that out, the press conference and talking with the staff and how we use these days to get better.  We're either going to play Thursday or Friday, so we don't know where or the dates so we'll just have to get together as a staff right now, trying to respond to you all for the game and we haven't had time to set any plans yet.

Q.  Mike, they have played you well at home, is there something they do that presents a difficult match‑up for you guys?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  They're very athletic and they're deep.  He plays a lot of guys, and if those guys‑‑ offensively them contributed tonight, Shaquille Cleare, he had two big buckets when it was a 4‑point game and when that happens you get some life.  One of the main consistent things is I didn't think we were ready to play up there and I didn't think we were ready to play here.
We're not going to beat a lot‑‑ a lot of people would win these two games against us if we don't show up to compete at the level that we need to.  They sensed that.  You sense that when you're competing, that the other team is not as sharp as the team you just saw on tape.  Our team over the last ten days has played great, but we weren't that team tonight.  That's why it's not a video game.

Q.  Coach, you called a time‑out just 90 seconds in.  Is that a reaction to that entire 90 seconds or did you see a lot of warning signs leading into the game?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  No, no, I just saw it right then in the first 90 seconds.  We called two sets that we never ran and we didn't play‑‑ we were not there.  Look, I do this, this is what I do.  I know when you do your radio show you do a great job, after that first commercial if you weren't doing it you would have to give yourself a motivational talk because you would sense it wasn't going‑‑ really, you do it long enough, hey, this just isn't right.  And you try to "right" the ship right away.  We weren't able to do that to the extent that we needed.

Q.  Coach, were you happy with the way Rasheed responded coming off the bench today?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  He did a good job.  It's not about one guy.  This was not a good night for us.  The‑‑ one of the things‑‑ during this time of the year‑‑ and this is what Maryland feels right now, is that if you lose it's final, and our team did not feel that.  Now we have to understand that that's the way it is.  If you don't do it, it's done.  If you lose you're one and done sometimes and we didn't play like one and done and they did and they won.  Going into this next tournament everybody is in the same boat and the team that can feel that the most has an advantage.  I would hope that that's something we could feel going into the NCAA Tournament.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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