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March 14, 2013

Angelique Kerber


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ What's your reaction to that walkover?テつ Are you happy or are you wishing you had a match?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:テつ Yeah, for sure it's better when you play and win the match and go to the semis, but I didn't know this before I was ready for the match.
Sam just told me after my warming up that she can't play because she had something, in, I don't know, her foot or the thing here.
(Pointing to right shin.)テつ She was trying to warming up because she was coming after my practice.テつ Of course it's bad luck.

Q.テつ How much does that throw you off your rhythm?テつ You know, you get up, prepare for a match, you go through your stretching, your training, and then it happens.テつ That kind of knocks your rhythm off, doesn't it?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ My rhythm now it's a little bit different than after a match.テつ But I hit after ‑ or I did my practice ‑ so I hit already one hour after the situation.
Yeah, now, I have another day off and get ready and try to, yeah, be fit tomorrow.

Q.テつ On the other hand, you're not out in that hot sun today, so that's kind of a good thing, isn't it?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:テつ Maybe it's a good thing, yeah.テつ (Smiling.)

Q. テつObviously one less match under your belt, but your opponent is in the same position, which is very strange.
ANGELIQUE KERBER:テつ Yeah, I think the situation is very strange also for the tournament.
But, you know, we are trying to be fit and ready.テつ Yeah, now there are two which are, you know, not have some, yeah, some problems with the foot.
Yeah, of course it's not good and it's not great, but I think everybody would like to play and win, of course.
Caroline has now the same situation, so I think we both are ready then for tomorrow's match.

Q.テつ How do you see the match?テつ You beat her three times last year.
ANGELIQUE KERBER:テつ Yeah, for sure, it start again from zero and it will be a tough match tomorrow.テつ So, you know, I will just try to focus on my things and having fun and play my tennis.

Q.テつ There was talk before about Rafa had said all these hardcourt matches early in the year, eventually they're going to take their toll on people like Victoria and stuff.テつ Do you think they play too much hard court in the beginning of the year?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:テつ I don't know.テつ I think the schedule is like four years like this, so I think I can just say on my things, and for me it's okay.テつ For me, I think it's okay.

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