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March 14, 2013

Justin Cobbs

Allen Crabbe

Mike Montgomery


Utah – 79
Cal - 69

THE MODERATOR:  Coach, an opening statement, please.
COACH MONTGOMERY:  Well, it's obviously very disappointing.  Utah played very well, shot the ball well.  I felt like probably when they came out and started the game, they were playing with a lot of confidence, and I don't think we probably did enough to take that confidence away from them once they got to feeling where they could play and this was going to be like it's been.  Then all of a sudden, we were in for a tough ballgame.
Then we had stretches where we played really well, stretches where we really played well on defense.  We had a chance.  We got up eight.  Just probably more than anything else, some of the decisions that we made at a time when we couldn't afford to make a mistake ended up really costing us.  And Utah took advantage of that.
The shot that they hit to go into overtime was over a 6'10" player.  I made a mistake.  I should have taken a timeout.  We had one left.  It's the old, "Do you foul down up three or not?"  Obviously, the answer is yes.
But we didn't take that timeout, and they shot a three and it went to overtime.  When it went to overtime, their confidence went sky high, and I think our chin went to our chests.
So give Utah credit.  They're playing very, very well.  Larry's done a great job with them.  They're playing with a lot of confidence.  Their two big guys had really good games.  Obviously, DuBois started off and had 15 points before we even got going and finished up with the shot that took them to overtime.
We had our chances.  We were there.  We knew it was going to be a tough game.  We knew this conference is tough top to bottom.  Had our chances to finish it off and just didn't do our job.

Q.  That crucial period midway in the second half where you're up eight and right on the verge of going up by ten, and maybe taking control of the game.  From your perspective on the court, what was going on that prevented you from going up by ten and even more?
JUSTIN COBBS:  I think their bigs executed well.  Like Coach said, we didn't make good decisions, came down, turned the ball over a few times and missed some shots.  That's basketball.  It happens.  But we need to control our defense.  On our defense we didn't do well rotating.
Like he said, Washburn delivered and they had a great game down the stretch, and that's what helped them win the game.

Q.  Do you think now that the tournament's over for you here, do you think you've done enough work to get in the NCAA?  Have you done enough over the course of the season?
COACH MONTGOMERY:  Well, I'll give my stock answer as if my opinion means anything to anybody, but the answer to your question is, yes.

Q.  Could you talk a little bit about the fact that you started out playing man and then you went zone for a while, and Loveridge kind of shot you out of that.  Did he seem better against DuBois than when he was being guarded man‑to‑man in the first half?
COACH MONTGOMERY:  We got some mileage out of our zone, clearly.  It worked for a sustained period of time, allowed us to get ahead.  Then they started making some adjustments.  I would say that we probably had some break downs that allowed people to be open, and they made shots.
The key thing is if you look at it, Washburn's 7‑9.  I mean, other than DuBois, they made shots at critical times when maybe we didn't make shots.  Loveridge was probably right in the middle of that.  We'll say that you'd have to look at that three‑point foul that Tyrone got called for.  He kicked his foot up.  He didn't foul him.  He kicked his foot out.  That is the old run by, foot goes out, he goes down.  That was critical.  And he missed a free throw.
So we were still up one with the ball, and they fouled out, made two, and took it to three.  That's where I made the mistake.  I should have taken a timeout, if nothing else.  Now I will say, Larry's done a really good job.  They run a lot of stuff.  Trying to predict what they're going to run is hard.  We kept expecting them to run something we call hammer, where they didn't run it.
But they run a lot of stuff.  Maybe we would have taken the thing down and made them go to the foul line and have to shoot two and we still have the lead and they love fouled us again, blah, blah, blah.
So we went back and forth, felt like they were getting too good of shots against the zone.  So we went to man, and, I mean, gosh, Washburn hit a tough jump hook from the right block ten foot.  A tough shot.  They hit some tough shots, including the one that sent it into overtime.

Q.  Allen, your team came in here with hopes of challenging or playing for the conference title.  How difficult do you think it will be now to refocus if you get a chance to go on to the NCAA Tournament?
ALLEN CRABBE:  Just got to move on from it.  I mean, it's a game of basketball.  Upsets happen, and Utah came out ready to play and they won.  I mean, you've just got to let it go.  Can't do anything about it now.  We've just got to come back together as a group and get our focus on whatever is next for us.

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