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March 14, 2013

Joe Torre

Ryan Vogelsong


Dominican Republic – 3
United States ‑ 1

Q.  I asked you this afternoon about the bullpens.  Eventually it came down to that, a very emotional game.  What do you tell your guys heading toward tomorrow in an elimination game?
JOE TORRE:  I don't‑‑ we've done this before, and I really don't have to tell them anything.  It was a tough game tonight, and they beat our closer.  There's not much you can say.  Certainly you have to tip your hat to them.  There was great pitching on both sides.  But I mean, I'm not going to have to talk to these guys.  They've been sort of‑‑ they came ready to play, and they continue to play hard.

Q.  What's the prognosis on Wright?  Do you expect him back?
JOE TORRE:  I have no clue.  He's going to go‑‑ I'm assuming he's gone to Port St.Lucie or he's going to Port St. Lucie.  Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Q.  So is there a possibility he can come back to play tomorrow night?
JOE TORRE:  No, no, he won't be here tomorrow.

Q.  He won't be here at all tomorrow?
JOE TORRE:  Uh‑uh.

Q.  What was the sequence of him being taken out of the lineup?
JOE TORRE:  Well, I know the Mets‑‑ after batting practice the Mets had made an inquiry, and he and I had talked, and he had said that he wants to play, he wants to play.  And I told him it's all well and good, but there's no game that's more important than your welfare.  Dr.Pinnell checked him out, and I told him that I was going to believe my trainer, Gene Monahan.  That's who was going to make the decision for me, and once the doctor looked at him, chances are nothing would have happened, but I don't like chances are, in regards to somebody's health.

Q.  Ryan, how do you feel about getting into this start?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  I've been here before, a couple times in the postseason last year, and once already in the Classic in Arizona.  So it's not like I haven't been here before.  Same as always, go out and execute as many pitches as possible.

Q.  Kimbrel, do you think he was too abusive using fastballs towards Dominican players which have a trend of hitting it so easily?  It's one of the pitches they see the most starting off.
JOE TORRE:  Well, they earned it.  They beat a great one.  He is something special now.  He's going to only get better, and he‑‑ that's his pitch.  One‑on‑one, they beat us today.  They come out on the good side of it.

Q.  If the USA team wins tomorrow, can David Wright play in the semifinals?
JOE TORRE:  You know, I'm not counting on it.  I'm really not counting on it, because obviously if we don't play him tonight, whatever he has is going to take more than a few days I would think.  Hopefully that's all it is.  But this is important.  The WBC is very important, but it certainly isn't more important than making sure he's fine.

Q.  Joe, it's supposed to be that you have to win this game because you look stronger than the Dominican Republic team.
JOE TORRE:  Well, I mean, we were tied going into the ninth inning.  Both clubs played well, both clubs had great pitching, and they beat us.  They earned their victory and they beat a heck of a pitcher coming out of that bullpen.

Q.  Do you feel you have a certain advantage going to tomorrow's game having already beaten Puerto Rico?
JOE TORRE:  I hope so.  I hope they feel that way.  (Laughter).
But we don't take it for granted that because we beat somebody it's automatic we're going to do that again.  We'll be ready to play, and hopefully we can put some points on the board.

Q.  What do you expect out of Puerto Rico tomorrow?  Their offense has been missing but they've showed signs of life?
JOE TORRE:  Last night they came back in the game, and it looked like they were going to get beat.  Anybody that's in this WBC, they have so many games to do the best they can, and certainly they're going to show up tomorrow and be ready to play, and as I say, hopefully we can get a jump on them and pitch as well as we did tonight.

Q.  Can you add a third baseman for tomorrow or do you have to wait until the next round?
JOE TORRE:  We have to wait for the next round.

Q.  Obviously you've been in a lot of big events.  How would you describe that atmosphere out there tonight?  We still hear the people screaming on the plaza.  I mean, it's pretty unique.
JOE TORRE:  We were sort of expecting that.  We've seen how emotional‑‑ I watched the other day when the Dominican came back and beat Italy.  You know, as I say, I think that‑‑ I know there's passion on both sides, except it's shown a little bit differently.  But it's nothing that we didn't expect.

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