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March 13, 2013

Milos Raonic


J. TSONGA/M. Raonic
4‑6, 7‑5, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ How disappointing is that considering you played pretty well and just a few lapses maybe?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ Yeah, it's not a great feeling right now.テつ Just had four games I think in the first set to break chances and sort of stopped after that and let him get into it.
And then he played well and I started making sloppier and sloppier mistakes, a lot of short forehands missed.テつ It hurts because you'll pay for that against these guys.

Q.テつ Could you have used a Hawk‑Eye on that match point?テつ Would that have been useful?テつ I mean, there wasn't one on the court.
MILOS RAONIC:テつ I think it was quite out, the serve.テつ I think we were just confused with what the score was because the screen was off.

Q.テつ You seemed to hold your serve pretty easily right up until the end of both those sets.テつ Is it difficult to keep the negative thoughts out when you're serving at 4‑5 or 5‑6?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ No, it's bad mistakes.テつ First time I lost ‑‑first game I lost my serve on at 5‑6, I think it was three mistakes from me and one point from him really.
And even that one point I had an easy forehand I hit sort of straight to him and gave him a chance with it.
Then second time around it's first point started off Love‑15 with a terrible mistake on the forehand side and a double fault.
I don't remember the other two, but that's probably better because I won't be as pissed.

Q.テつ Did you have the feeling that your return kind of let you down today?テつ Because you had a lot of trouble returning and getting second serves.
MILOS RAONIC:テつ Yeah.テつ I think it wasn't that it let me down.テつ It was because I did it perfectly fine in the beginning.テつ I was making him hurt, especially off the second serve, and even the first serve I was sort of.
But the thing is I started missing returns, and then for him it's less pressure to have to put in a first serve.テつ Then he starts serving better, starts playing a bit more freely and just less tense on his service games, and sort of just snowballs everything.
He starts doing a lot of things better, starts believing he just has to make me play after I make a few of those mistakes.テつ Even at the end of that first set missed two forehands, an overhead, just a lot of short forehands I shouldn't miss.

Q.テつ Any trouble with the heat today?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ Not at all.テつ It wasn't too bad.

Q.テつ It was a pretty straightforward match in terms of tactics and all that.テつ Is there anything going on that we don't see in terms of, you know, things you're trying to do or where you're trying to play, that kind of stuff?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ I think I had the right idea on what to do, what kind of pressure to put on, especially on that second serve.テつ Most of the time starting the points to his backhand side trying to get him away from having the middle of the court, because that's when he's at his best.
I think I was serving to pull him wide most of the time just so he has to ‑‑ it feels like he has to rush back to the other side of the court.
But as well as I do that and when I get those short balls and I miss those short balls ‑ and all the time it was long ‑ it just gives him a relief.テつ Like instead of when he's stretched having feel he has to come up with a good shot, he just feels like he has to put it in.
Maybe I'll put in a few, but every critical point he'll just think, Just put it in, and that's when I was at my worst.

Q.テつ Did it bother you then in the first point of the last game?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ First point in which one?

Q.テつ The last game.
MILOS RAONIC:テつ Of the second set?

Q.テつ Third.
MILOS RAONIC:テつ Oh, the third it was 30‑All that I missed.テつ The 30‑All one.

Q.テつ Yeah.
MILOS RAONIC:テつ Yeah.テつ I didn't hit a good forehand to come in because I was overthinking because of how many I missed before that.テつ I hit it way too close to the middle.テつ I didn't go through it.
That just didn't allow me to continue ‑‑I think he hit a good shot, but I think I hit a good serve wide and I don't think he should have had ‑‑he could have gotten it for sure, but I don't think he should have had that type of swing if I hit the forehand properly.

Q.テつ Go through the whole thing of the last point and your idea in hitting it and then the confusion afterwards with no Hawk‑Eye available.
MILOS RAONIC:テつ No, the issue wasn't there wasn't Hawk‑Eye.テつ We didn't know the score.テつ The guy said, Game, set, match, like really quick.テつ I didn't know it was over.

Q.テつ You didn't realize it was match point?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ No.テつ I thought it was 3‑4 at that point.テつ Supposed to be a screen on court.テつ I don't follow the score.

Q.テつ You thought it was 3‑4 in games?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ I thought I was down 3‑5 after that.テつ And then I thought about it, and then I thought it was match.テつ Then I saw Jo wasn't coming up, so I thought, Okay, it's 3‑5.
I think my serve was clearly out.テつ I could tell when I hit it it was going to go wide.テつ I don't think I would have challenged it, because we were told that Hawk‑Eye is still there.テつ We were told that he'll get it on the radio.

Q.テつ Looking ahead to the April Davis Cup tie with Italy, any question about what the team makeup will be, or is it you and Frank for the singles spot on the team that got you there, now that Jesse is available?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ I don't know.テつ Politics.テつ I involve myself on what I need to do to play on that first day.テつ I have a lot more tennis to play until then.テつ I leave the politics to the Tennis Canada politicians.

Q.テつ You played Tsonga twice and they were two very tough losses.テつ Was it just a fluke, or is it something in the matchup that just doesn't fit you?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ No, I felt I played ‑‑I felt this time I handled it much better than last time.テつ I think he's a much more comfortable player on grass than I am.
This time I felt like I came out playing better than him quite a bit.テつ I sort of let that get away from me.
He's, what, former No. 5?テつ He's Grand Slam finals, two times semis at Wimbledon.テつ He knows how to play.テつ He knows how to get out of those situations.
I sort of had my foot on the pedal and I sort of just let off.テつ It's dangerous, especially any guy in this group.テつ Obviously the top 4 will make you pay for it much more, but any guy after that I think it's a really tight group that everybody will make you pay.

Q.テつ Is getting the knee treated at the end of the first set, did that factor in any way?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ No.テつ He played well the first game serving, and then a few games after that I had chances and I just wasn't going after the service‑‑ return the same way.
I had that one game 30‑All; he came up with two good serves; I was covering the T; he went out wide; hit that ace.
So it's not much I could have done in those situations.テつ I think he just sort of ‑‑I had put in a few more mistakes on the second‑serve return and just took off a little bit of pressure on his first serve of what he needs to come up with.

Q.テつ In general, the heat, speed of the court, all those sort of conditions together, how were they today?
MILOS RAONIC:テつ The same as yesterday, really.テつ I don't know if it was any hotter today or wasn't hotter, but I don't think it was too different than yesterday.

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