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March 12, 2013

Andy Murray


6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You had to play those break points very solidly.テつ He came out of the traps firing pretty well, didn't he?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Yeah, I mean, he started off well.テつ I didn't serve particularly well to get myself into those situations, and then I served well to get myself out of some tough situations.
But he takes the ball extremely early.テつ You know, he likes to go up the line, so he's timing the ball well.テつ He has very quick feet, too, so he gets to the ball quickly.テつ He can kind of leave you flat footed sometimes, and he certainly did that a lot in the first set.

Q.テつ You were asked about being the Olympic champion and he US Open champion.テつ How many times a day do you remember that yourself that you are that?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I mean, I don't know.テつ I mean, sometimes, yeah, you can be going through your day and then it's something, yeah, it's a great memory for me.テつ They were two of the best days of my career, so obviously sometimes when I think about them it's a nice feeling.
It's something that when you're on the court it can help you.テつ It's important to remind yourself that you have done that, because, you know, it can make you play a little bit better or when you're struggling feel a little bit better about yourself.
It definitely helps.

Q.テつ You were in doubles here.テつ You don't play a whole lot of doubles.テつ What is it about this tournament ‑you have obviously done well in doubles here before ‑that makes this tournament so attractive to doubles players?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ A lot of guys play because it's a longer tournament, and if you lose early in the singles, you know, it's good to always play matches.テつ So that's why a lot of guys play.
I personally play because, you know, it's normally been a while since I played on the American hard courts.テつ They are different.テつ Yeah, that's the reason why I played here, and it has helped me earlier in my career.
Obviously the last few years I have struggled.テつ I hope this year it will help.

Q.テつ You mention the memories.テつ Do you actually sometimes think about it during matches?テつ It pops into your head?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ No, it's not like when I'm walking to the court it's not like something I'm thinking about.テつ But, yeah, for me, you know, I had for about five years I was always‑‑ you know, when you get announced to the crowd, it's always been four Grand Slam finals or three times losing the final of Grand Slams or whatever it was.
So, yeah, obviously it's nice.テつ You know, it's something I thought about almost every single day of my life for years having not won one.テつ So now it's nice whenever I do think about it that I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Q.テつ How is it different for you here without Ivan?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ How different?

Q.テつ Yeah.テつ What's different about it when you're playing?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, it's just you don't have that sort of voice in your ear on a daily basis.テつ I mean, I speak to him most days, but not having him on the practice court or whatnot you need to remind yourself of sort of the good habits and stay away from the bad things obviously he would be, you know, always pointing out to me.
That's really the only difference in terms of tactics and whatnot.テつ I mean, I speak to him about tactics.テつ I speak to Danny about tactics.テつ Even when they're both there, Danny gives his opinion on the tactics, as well.
It's just not having that voice in your ear.テつ That's not, you know, not something that I have struggled with when he hasn't been there, you know.テつ But obviously helps when he is there.

Q.テつ Does he encourage you to sort of be on your own?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Has he encouraged me to?

Q.テつ Yeah.
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I think when you're on the court it's important to make sure that, you know, you're there on your own not thinking about anything else.テつ You're just trying to focus on winning the match and not getting distracted by anything else.
Yeah, all tennis players like a little bit of independence.テつ It's helped numerous guys during their career.テつ Roger went a through a period of that, as well.
Tsonga has gone through a few years of having no coach.
Sometimes you play your best tennis like that, because sometimes you just have a little bit more freedom and that's it.

Q.テつ Berlocq, how much do you know about him?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I mean, I know a decent amount, because actually when I played like challengers and stuff when I was coming through he was playing in a few of them.テつ So I know his game recently, but I have never played against him.
I mean, I know his style, and I have seen him play a few matches in the slams, as well.

Q.テつ Andy, I don't want to tell you too much about my blister fetish, but the Australian Open, the blister there, how long did it take to get it better?テつ Do you know why it happened?テつ What can you do to prevent it happening in the future?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Yeah, I know what happened because I never get blisters, ever.テつ But I had a slight problem with one of my orthotics, and that's why it was caused.テつ I mean, literally that's all it takes really, is just minor changes and things in your feet.テつ Putting pressure on points that you don't normally put pressure on and you'll develop something.
But a few people asked me like the week afterwards, Oh, your foot looked really bad, and it was a very small blister.テつ It wasn't a large blister at all.
It's just when you have like all of the stuff they spray on it it looks really, really bad and horrible, but it wasn't too bad.

Q.テつ You're a couple of matches away from some good luck and some things happening, being No. 2.テつ Could you talk about the effect that has on the seedings, particularly in the slams, and how much you think about that, if at all?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I mean, that's really the one benefit you get from being seeded 2 is that you can obviously, you know, improve your draws in the slams slightly.
But I mean, even still, you know, the guys that are probably likely to be 3 and 4 are still going to be the same guys.テつ It's just a slightly different combination.テつ I may not have to play Novak in a semifinal if I was to get there.
But, you know, that's the only benefit I would have if I can get to 2 you can avoid playing the No. 1 in the world earlier.

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