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March 12, 2013

Fuquan Edwin

Eugene Teague

Kevin Willard


USF – 42

JOHN PAQUETTE:  Questions for the coach and players?

Q.  What can you say about the fact that guys like Fuquan and Edwin didn't want it to end like this?
COACH WILLARD:  That's the way we've been all year.  Obviously, (Haralds) Karlis went out with cuts below his eye.  We've had injuries all year.  These guys have battled all year long.  All year long, they gave great effort.  Offensively, we were struggling a little bit, but I was proud the way they gave themselves opportunities to stay in the game.
That's why I've been proud of these guys all year.  We've had seven guys, six guys every game in this league.  It's been tough for these guys, but that's why I'm proud of them.

Q.  Fu in particular, what made him turn on the juice in the last minutes of regulation?
COACH WILLARD:  Fu has been unbelievable motor.  He can play 40‑plus minutes and still go.  I think he still had a little juice left in it.  He wanted the ball on the last play and made a great play.

Q.  Fuquan, can you talk about the last couple minutes of regulation?  You seemed to be driving hard and made a couple of layups on the last couple baskets.
FUQUAN EDWIN:  Someone did a nice job of finding me on the fast break.  I couldn't find my shot through the whole game.  Coach asked in the huddle who wants the shot, and I told him I want it, and I made a great move.  I think that got my confidence going through the game.

Q.  What does it mean to keep playing, play Syracuse tomorrow?
FUQUAN EDWIN:  Syracuse is a good team.  Last time we played them, we know we just got to keep it up.  Just got to build on this game.

Q.  Kevin, do you believe that a game where you didn't have 30 points with three minutes to go that you would somehow win?
COACH WILLARD:  In this league, it's happened before.  It's not the first time.  I think the way Stan plays, they're going to make you guard for 30 seconds.  We only had 19‑‑ really 19 shots in the first half.  So we had some turnovers.
The way they play, they're going to make you‑‑ they limit the number of opportunities.  We hurt ourself early with turnovers, and I think that's what kind of got us in a little bit of a fog.

Q.  Were you worried at all that you wouldn't be able to get out of it?
COACH WILLARD:  We were worried.  I kept telling these guys.  We've been down ten to Wake Forest.  We were down 10, 15, a lot of times in the second half.  We keep battling.  We've gotten stops and opportunities.
Again, these guys are talking in the huddle like they've done all year.  They believe we're going to get some stops, and eventually one of our shots has to go in.

Q.  Coach, Syracuse has been struggling offensively.  [Inaudible].
COACH WILLARD:  I think Syracuse's struggles are a product of who they played?  We're playing the two best defensive teams in the country.  Before that, after they played us, they beat Providence pretty good.
Again, in this conference, you're going to struggle to score.  They have terrific players.  We're going to have to play extremely well.

Q.  Kevin, expand your thoughts on the comeback.  Your guys are down eight, 2:30 to go in the game against that grinding, physical team.  That was a terrific comeback when it looked like your team was really on the ropes.
COACH WILLARD:  Yeah, I was proud of the big fella here because he kind of kept us in the game offensively.  He was our one constant where the ball would go in and he'd get it.  They did a much better job in the second half of fronting him and making it hard for us to get it in.
It was one of those situations that it wasn't like they were scoring on us.  So I knew, if we'd just get a couple of stops and get something to go our way, maybe we could get some momentum.

Q.  Coach, what can you do to be able to prepare your team or be fresh for tomorrow's game?
COACH WILLARD:  We'll get back.  We'll watch some film.  We played Syracuse a month ago, so we know their players.  We know they're going to play zone.  We have to go over our offense and then just kind of figure out what we did wrong in the first game, see if we can correct that.

Q.  Gene, the last ten seconds, you had the block on Collins, and then Brock had a side jumper.  What's going through your head in that span?
GENE TEAGUE:  I was just trying to get us a good opportunity to win the game and send it to overtime.  After I got that block, I thought I was going to get the rebound.  After he missed, it was just‑‑ it was good that he‑‑ I'm glad he missed.

Q.  For either guy, do you care that people are going to say this was an ugly game?
GENE TEAGUE:  Oh, no, a win is a win.  I'm proud that we won, and I'm ready to play Syracuse tomorrow.
FUQUAN EDWIN:  It was just a sluggish game from the start.  Just like gene said, a win is a win.
JOHN PAQUETTE:  Seton Hall, thank you.

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