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May 26, 2001

Brent Schwarzrock


Q. Brent Schwarzrock is with us. A 4-under par 67 in his second round. Which consisted of two days worth of work. Talk a little bit about today's play and how it was to come back after the layoff?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Today was sort of a strange day. I got up early, before 6, and got out here to be ready for the early start. And kept getting pushed back an hour at a time. It was frustrating to find things to do. It was hard to find anything to occupy your time. I just kind of walked through the club house. People were laughing at me for just walking around so I wouldn't get all stiff. And I laid there and stretched out for about an hour. And just killed time until George told us to go out.

Q. Talk a little bit about the golf course and how it was.

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Golf course was obviously wet. That ninth tee was almost the whole tee was almost casual water. Moving the ball around is helpful, obviously, to preferred lies. But the fairways were playable. I guess we're quitting today, but we could probably keep going. I mean, that wouldn't be a bad idea. But I guess there's some more rain coming. But it's played wet and the greens were slower. And we were leaving putts -- Charles and I left a couple putts short. But it was to be expected, I guess.

Q. Do you come out on a day like this and say just get me in at 7? You didn't go for it at 6, for example. Could you have or would you have done it differently if it was a regular round?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I was right in between going for it and laying up on 6. I had kind of a downhill lie and that tree hangs over a little bit. And I had been sitting in the locker room for six hours. I just didn't feel like hitting a high cut four wood from 236 or something. Being wet and being kind of tight I just decided to get warmed up hitting a couple shorter shots.

Q. Do you have a mindset when you par in? I mean, do you change your philosophy in terms of attacking the course?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Not really. Those holes are tough. 7 and 8 are two of the tougher holes, longer holes, I should say. The approach shots you have to hit pretty good shots into those greens. So it's hard. I hit two five irons into those two holes. It's kind of hard to stiff a 5-iron. You know, a 25-footer is not bad. I'm just trying not to go backwards more or less.

Q. You get rain out here all the time. What do guys do to kill time? Do you say, I'm going to hook up with these guys or do this or that or what?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: No, just like I said, I was going stir crazy in there. I laid on the couch, watched TV awhile. Everybody does different things. A lot of guys will sit there and eat for four or five hours. I ate breakfast and just kind of walked around. Everybody just does lots of things.

Q. Any card playing?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: No, there wasn't any I saw.

Q. Would guys out here get up a poker game? People in other sports would kill time sitting around playing cards or something like that. Would you guys do that?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I don't know, maybe in the hotel rooms. I don't know about right here though.

Q. You finished, you're two back going into 36. You have not been in position much on the weekend. What do you do tomorrow playing 36 holes?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Same thing. Nothing different. I mean, 36 holes is a long time. Just go out like any other day, any other round. Just try to hit good shots, see what happens. The time to worry about that is with five holes left or something tomorrow late in the day. If everything is going good, then you just let it go. But I wouldn't, I'm not going to do anything different tomorrow than I did for those four holes yesterday. I feel like I played it for a week and got in 36 holes already.

Q. You guys are young and can do 36. But when you get up-and-down hills and it's wet is there anything to save energy, keep energy going, any tricks for playing golf all day?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Not that I know of. This course does have a few hills on it. Being wet and kind of sloshing around out there it's a little tougher. I'm sure we will have some kind of a little break in between the round tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure what time we're starting. Do you know, Jim? 7?

Q. Brent, for the two days is there anything that's characterized your rounds in terms of how well you've been playing or any particular aspect that's been going better than any other?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: No, not really. I just seem to be doing everything pretty good. I'm hitting my driver okay. I'm not hitting it particularly far. I'm short of shortening my swing a little bit, just for more control. So I'm giving up some yardage, which is fine with me. I don't really need 20 more yards. But everything just seems to be pretty solid. Putting's pretty decent. I've hit a lot of good iron shots, I guess I would say, closer than normal with my scoring irons. 8, 9, wedges and stuff. I've gotten up-and-down a little bit better than usual. I hit a good shot six feet and make the putt. Keep my momentum going. Instead of missing a putt, lipping one out and getting the air knocked out of you.

Q. Can you talk about the up-and-down on 7 and how good a bunker shot was that?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: That was a pretty good one. That, I didn't know how that ball was going to react being that wet packed in the sand like that. So I just kind of chunked it and tried to get it to roll a little bit. I couldn't see it because it was above me. I don't know how far the ball rolled. Probably from here to Bud maybe, 15 feet or so, but that was a pretty good shot. It was nice having a two-footer.

Q. Anything else? Brent, thank you. Good luck this weekend.

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: You got it. Thank you.

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