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March 12, 2013

Kenji Otonari

Koji Yamamoto


JAPAN テや 10

Q.テつ What was the game all about tonight?
KOJI YAMAMOTO:テつ Second inning, we scored eight, and later on, we couldn't score.テつ That's why the game became a tough game.テつ Early in the beginning, although we scored in the early beginning, we should have scored more.

Q.テつ The first round and second round, you played hard.テつ What is your general impression overall?テつ And also any thoughts on the semifinal and final?
KOJI YAMAMOTO:テつ First round, the opening game against Birkdale (ph) we had a very tough game and also as well as Chinese Taipei's game, that was also tough game.テつ But we got through, and the team is getting (to)be one.テつ And also the offense became more‑‑ the offense swings better and the pitchers pitched well.

Q.テつ Any thoughts on the semifinal and final, please?
KOJI YAMAMOTO:テつ Yes, of course, we have to clinch the semifinal.テつ We put all my effort, and also the tougher opponents are coming, so we want to be like the Japanese team and wishing we can be a final team.

Q.テつ Starting pitcher, Mr.Otonari, how did you pitch tonight?
KENJI OTONARI:テつ Well, I gave up a lead‑off home run again, which I should have not.テつ I was a little bit regret about that, but later on I changed my mind and I pitched what I was expecting to.

Q.テつ So far, how is your pitch, grand total?テつ Did you feel any good feeling in did you have any confidence from the first round and second round?
KENJI OTONARI:テつ Yes, home runs, I feel great, and I think pitched as I am, so I try to keep continuing.

Q.テつ Some of your relievers who are regularly starters have struggled a little bit in that role, and also Yamaguchi has struggled a little bit.テつ What are your thoughts going to America after tonight's game?
KOJI YAMAMOTO:テつ Yes, for the offense today, Chono got two RBI base hits, and the other team's offense is getting better.
For the relievers, for instance, Yamaguchi you mentioned, but not only Yamaguchi, but generally speaking, lead‑off walks caused runs.テつ It's always tough to make an out, and so we have to pay attention especially for the lead‑off guy.

Q.テつ I want to know if you send steal sign to Nakata, and you said you played all three players and that there's no backup, what if something happened; did you have a backup plan?テつ Can you tell me, please?
KOJI YAMAMOTO:テつ Yes, I gave him a green light.テつ The catcher situation, that was like a test, you know.テつ That was the very last inning of the tournament, that's why we played.

Q.テつ Today Mr.Tanaka pitched one inning, how did you feel about Tanaka's result?
KOJI YAMAMOTO:テつ Tanaka pitched well, as he is usually.テつ As a starter, he had a rough outing, but as a reliever, he pitched twice, well, so I am looking forward to him pitching in the States.

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