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March 10, 2013

Graeme McDowell


Q.テつ Why do you think you fell a few short?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Because Tiger played very well.テつ I made a couple of birdies out of the gate again today.テつ You know, my putter kind of abandoned me this weekend.
I've been putting great for a couple weeks now.テつ I feel like as these greens go faster and faster, my whole speed got a little tentative trying to drop them in, and that's not the type of putter I am.テつ I am kind of hit the back of the hole kind of putter.
Like I say, my stroke got a little tentative the last couple days, literally just because of the speed of the greens.テつ I made nothing.テつ Disappointing.テつ I really can't fault the way I played tee‑to‑green, apart from a bad chip shot yesterday on 14, I didn't do huge amounts wrong the last couple days.
You know, Tiger played great, you know, no disrespect to him.テつ He was going to be tough to catch anyway.テつ I would have had to be on top of my game 110 percent and I would have really had to putt it extremely well to keep pressure on him.テつ But that 6 on the last leaves an extremely sour taste in my mouth.
But all in all, I'm ecstatic the way I'm playing.テつ Like I say, the way I drove it this week, my iron play, just everything, really‑‑ like I say, the putter let me down the last couple days, but that's been a part of my game that's been extremely strong the last couple weeks, so no complaints.

Q.テつ How is he compared to the last round at Bay Hill, is he better or the same or how would you assess his game?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Tough to compare.テつ I suppose in a way both golf courses didn't really let you play.テつ You know, I said in the press room last night, I said, he doesn't look phenomenal; it just looks really, really good.テつ And that probably came out wrong because what I mean is the golf courses don't let you be phenomenal.テつ You've got to be under control.
In this wind the last couple days, his ball flight control is pretty stunning, really, the way he flights his irons around.テつ It's pretty cool to watch.テつ I thought his short game and putting the last couple days was very impressive.テつ He cleaned up everything he had to clean up pretty much.テつ It was good stuff.
Bay Hill last year was very‑‑ you had to play very defensively.テつ This golf course, the last couple days, you could kind of take a few pins on but it was similar type golf.
Yeah, I thought he looked similar.テつ His driver looks like it's a bit safe.テつ He doesn't look like‑‑ he doesn't look like he's kind of got the 350‑bomb in him anymore that he maybe used to have.テつ Everything is just under control off the tee.テつ It's a cut and it's in play, and that seems to be the way he's learned how to get his game, get it in the fairway and then from there, we know how good he is.

Q.テつ How does his level of play stack up to 2010 at the Chevron?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Yeah, he doesn't have those kind of off‑the‑radar balls anymore.テつ Like I say, everything's sort of‑‑ in '10, '11, when I was playing with him, he would hit the odd shot where you just would kind of blink twice and go, really, that's wide.テつ He's got the ball under control now.テつ He knows exactly what his golf swing is going to produce.
His iron play, like I say, stunning.テつ Short game, obviously he putted really well this week.テつ So you know, he was tough to catch.テつ He was always kind of making me press.

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