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September 18, 2003

Brent Schwarzrock


DAVE SENKO: Brent, thanks for joining us. Maybe just some comments about your round, 6-under today, good way to start.

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Started off okay, made some good putts early and just kind of scared the whole, but rolling the ball, what I thought was perfectly. The couple that started to go in -- I made a good save on 9 for par and then that kind of kept my momentum going. Birdied the next two holes. It was a good start to a good day overall.

DAVE SENKO: How about we go through your birdies real quick, starting at 13.

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I had so many putts out there that had funny breaks to them, like the last two. The holes I could read -- my caddie -- they all seem to run together. The last thought I had a good read and hit it but it was the wrong read. How many birdies did I make? The birdie on 14, that was a pretty good putt, down the hill, perfect speed, center of the cup. Really good read and good execution.

16, actually I blew a drive way right. I got a break, in the fairway and had a clear shot to the green. Didn't hit a particularly good shot, approach shot, and chipped it about, I would say, four feet, four and a half feet by the hole and had actually a tricky putt. That was one of the downhill little kind of odd little putts that I made today.

1, I hit it close. I hit it five feet and made it inside the right cup.

No. 2, hit driver, 9-iron just beyond the hole there about 25 feet maybe, a little down the hill and just a little quick speed-wise. Another one that went just right in the center of the hole.

4, I hit a driver, a little half-pitching wedge in there just past the hole again and had a little slippery downhill putt there. It broke a couple balls to the right, and again, it was right dead-center.

DAVE SENKO: How long was it?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I would say eight feet, nine feet.

7, the par 3, I hit a 7-iron down the hill there. That was outside the hole, it broke about two inches outside the edge. That putt was, I would say, 15 feet.

Q. What did you hit off the tee at 13?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I just hit a I hit a rescue. I got a new club Wednesday or Tuesday, it's like a four and a half iron. I hit that -- that putt was actually closer to five feet; it was about three feet.

Q. And what did you hit in on 14?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: 14, I hit a little 8-iron up the hill there just past pin-high, again, and made a good putt there.

Q. What you did you hit off 1?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Driver and a little wedge. I had 100 yards to the hole.

Q. 2 you hit driver, 9-iron; is that correct?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Yes, I hit -- I actually couldn't believe they had it on the back tee there. It's a good hole anyway, I guess.

Q. Are you concerned that the weather is going to ruin what could be a pretty good weekend for you?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Not at all. I've always been a good bad-weather player of the last week. I played 29 holes on Sunday.

Going back to college when we had to play 36 holes in a day, carrying bags and all that, I can't remember ever not playing well. So somehow, I just get mentally prepared for a long day and just try to be patient, just keep plugging.

Q. What would a lot of rain do to the golf course?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Yeah, it's not particularly dry now. I had heard that they are forecasting anywhere from two to eight inches of rain.

I think it could hold a couple of inches. I don't think anything two or three inches -- certainly lift, clean and place.

The green -- a couple of them on 18, up on the hill there with the wind blowing, that's drier than the other greens. The greens that are down, they have a little more moisture in them than the other greens.

Q. Inaudible?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I like it. I actually only played nine holes on Tuesday -- a little slow on the back nine when those questions were being asked. I played the front nine on Tuesday later in the evening and then I played -- just walked the back nine yesterday during the Pro-Am, just to see what the holes were doing.

Q. With the way it's playing, because of the natural length and it's a little soft, does it favor somebody who can bomb it?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I don't think it is that big of a deal. For instance, on 2, if they had the tee back, everybody would have had to go left. I probably would still have been on the same line. There's a couple, like No. 8, if you can just rip one up that pin and hit a big one up there, you can get home pretty easily. Everybody can get home on 16. It doesn't play as long as I was hearing before I got here.

Q. From that tee on 2, where do you take -- can you take it at the bunker on 2?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: The wind was blowing a little right or left -- I was back there about 40 yards, and the tee is on the back. On Tuesday I played it all the way back and hit it over the right bunker. I hit an 8-iron.

You are certainly not getting any roll on the fairways. Obviously, the further you carry the ball, the better. There's no real distinct advantage on any hole.

Q. Inaudible?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I would say so. Any course, you get a handful of guys going to do something crazy. I think it's a better test than most courses. Especially, the greens are pretty severe in some areas. There's a lot of places on the greens where you just kind of, I don't want to say wasted green, but there's so much undulation, you can't put the pins -- you can only put two or three pin placements with all of the undulation. You get on the wrong side of the hole -- a guy I played with today hit it a club long twice today and he has these, you know, putts that were going up and down, around. So it can get pretty wicked on the green.

Just a matter of your distance control and trying to make some putts. Like I said, a handful of guys are going to do something. I would think overall, it won't be a 4-under cut or anything like that.

Q. Do you think most guys would rather get a few holes in tomorrow with the weather or just have a day off?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: Either way is fine. I was glad I was in the early/late bracket this week. That way I can kind of figure out what the morning rain is doing and keep our heads up on what we are going to be doing in the afternoon wave.

Last week at the John Deere, we had to go out and finish six holes or seven holes at 7:15 in the morning. Either way is fine with me.

Q. You only played nine practice holes and walked nine?

BRENT SCHWARZROCK: I felt like I had a long week last week and didn't want to burn myself out. So I just played nine and walked nine. I've done that a few times this year, just kind of sent my caddie out there to get all the numbers.

Q. You haven't played the course before?


DAVE SENKO: Thank you, Brent.

End of FastScripts.

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