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March 9, 2013

Fabian Gomez


Q.テつ Fabian, you followed a 64 with a 65 to keep up some great pace and stay up there on the leaderboard.テつ Talk about today's performance.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ Today I went out looking forward to a good round and got off to a solid start making two birdies in a row to start.テつ So that made me feel really well and confident for the day.テつ I also felt very confident with my putter, so that was critical as well.

Q.テつ Putting wise you were really good on the front and you got to shoot 30 there.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ Yeah, on the front I made two putts in one hole and then one‑putted the rest of them.テつ I'm happy about it, but there's still a day to go.

Q.テつ On the back nine things didn't go that well.テつ The early bogey on 10 and several pars.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ Yeah.テつ I hit about a 3‑wood on 10, wide open.テつ Followed that with a good second shot, but found the ball embedded in the bunker.
It was a very bad lie, and I had to lay up within the bunker and then got the up‑and‑down.テつ The back nine is a little bit more difficult.テつ There are long par‑3s.テつ There are certain holes like 14, which is a difficult par‑4, a long par‑4.テつ But I'm happy.テつ I'm okay with it.

Q.テつ It has been a good tournament for you and other Argentines, like Andres Romero.テつ Probably the Latin American environment is helping you guys.
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ Well, the language helps us as well as the golf course.テつ Me and Andres, we are players who hit it very straight off the tee.テつ We also play the part well and that is helping this week.

Q.テつ It will be the first time you will be entering the final round of a PGA TOUR event holding a piece of the lead.テつ What do you expect out of that experience?
FABIAN GOMEZ:テつ Yeah.テつ It's going to be the first time.テつ It's going to be a little hard, a little nerve‑wracking, so I will just try to stay as relaxed as possible in order to try and perform as best I can.

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