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March 9, 2013

Brian Stuard


Q.  Brian Stuard, good third round, two late birdies to get you close to the top of the leaderboard.  Your feelings after today's third round.
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah.  I played really good today.  Had a few chances to get even lower on the back, and missed a couple of putts, but you know, I played really solid today.

Q.  What is making the difference for you this week?
BRIAN STUARD:  You know, I think I'm kind of just playing really solid, not getting in too much trouble.  I think I've only made two bogeys, and you know, there's some birdies to be made, so it's kind of trying to make some birdies.

Q.  It has been a strong season for you so far.
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah.  I played well.  Same kind of drill.  I've just played pretty solid, haven't done anything too exciting, too crazy either.  Just kind of played pretty steady.

Q.  The fact that you had your rookie season on the PGA TOUR previously and now that you're back on the TOUR is making a difference, no?
BRIAN STUARD:  Yeah.  I think there's a different comfort level.  You kind of know the courses a little more.
It's just more confidence, I think.

Q.  One round to go.  Expectations for the final round?
BRIAN STUARD:  Hopefully just keep playing how I'm playing and we'll see what happens, you know.  Just kind of, like I said, just go out and try to make ‑‑ play steady as possible and make some birdies.

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