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March 9, 2013

Chang-Heng Hsieh

Dai-Kang Yang


CUBA – 14

Q.  What is in your mind right now thinking about tonight's contest?
CHANG HENG HSIEH:  First of all, our pitcher didn't work well.  He gave up a lot of runs.  But there's no blame.  No matter how many runs we gave up.  We advanced from the Taichung round to Tokyo.  Our aim was to come to Tokyo.  Unfortunately we couldn't go to San Francisco, but we are very satisfied.
In order to get a victory against Cuba, such a strong lineup, we have to have special pitchers, but it didn't work out.   Once again, our aiming was complete.  Our goal was go to Tokyo, so we are pleased about that.  For the future we need some special plans.
No matter what the result is, I don't blame anyone.  I might have a mistake of tonight's contest for the strategy, but overall, once again, I am very pleased about what we did.

Q.  Please tell me about tonight's contest, I know you played hard throughout the WBC tournament.
DAI‑KANG YANG:  First of all, I am happy about the joining Team Chinese Taipei.  The first couple of days, I didn't know exactly what the personality of my teammates is, but the more time we share, we could get used to it, and fortunately we could go through the Taichung round and come to Tokyo.  Here in Tokyo, we lost two games in a row and we couldn't go forward, but I am very happy for the fans.  They support a lot for us.

Q.  I know that there have been some issues in Taiwanese baseball before, but the team played very well in Taiwan, and I'm just wondering how you see the future of the sport developing in Taiwan and how Taiwan can be a better team on the field, as well.
CHANG HENG HSIEH:  First of all, the WBC 2013, we have had a big impact and influence of Chinese Taipei's baseball.  In order to get the fans back to the stadium, we have to play hard, so at that point, we are satisfied with what we did.  And also, team Chinese Taipei is representing the whole region of Chinese Taipei and we are selected by each individual pro teams, and this is a very solid team and it worked well.
This result is going to be bright for the future.  The fact what we did is we lost two games in Tokyo and we couldn't go to the San Francisco round.  But so far, what we did is we have never done it before.  The result is we are very pleased even though we lost.
Throughout this competition, I am glad that we can show our fighting spirit to the Chinese Taipei's fans, and also by playing hard here in Tokyo and Taichung, I am wishing to all the fans that they are coming back to the stadium, and this is only the first step of the future.  I am wishing strongly that we are continuing to march continuously.

Q.  You played a bunch of different countries and regions.  Which team has more influence to you?
DAI‑KANG YANG:  Personally speaking, I am playing here in Japan, so I think I know pretty much well about Japanese baseball.  For example, like Cuba and Korea, we played each other a couple games, and Cuban style is very interesting, but personally I think I am very much adjusting to not other countries, but Japan, Japan style.  I think for most of the Asian region, Japanese baseball style is more common.

Q.  Throughout this tournament, you came to the Tokyo round, and the Japanese baseball and the world of baseball is getting closer and shorter;  the future, what's the point to go forward from here?
CHANG HENG HSIEH:  Yes, the game against Japan last night, the nation and the region's‑‑ last night's game result showed that we don't have that much gap between Cuba, Japan and Chinese Taipei.  In the future, we have to develop the pitchers level.  There's still a gap in between the pitching depth.  Sometimes in order to get the victory for a baseball game, you need luck sometimes.  In the future, I am wishing that Chinese Taipei's team will be lucky, especially for the pitching staff.  For instance, likeliest‑handed or unique mechanic pitchers.  If these kind of unique pitchers can come up, we can compete for the international matches.
Lately, we have very good, solid baseball games one day and the very next day, we lost like tonight, that's the problem.  I think that's the most huge gap in between the strong country and Chinese Taipei right now.

Q.  It looked like the Cubans, once they really got going, seems like they overwhelmed your pitchers out there.  From what you saw, what is the challenge to holding that lineup down, and where do you think your pitchers went wrong with the way they approached them?
CHANG HENG HSIEH:  Like I said a while ago, when we play against like Cuba, you don't need like a very high hitter, fastballs.  It is a very difficult situation unless you've got a great location, because Cuba hits early in the count and they have got great power, and they are hitting certain pitch or certain location.  In order to get out, you need a money pitch to get out from Cuba's lineup.
Every time you face against such international matches like Cuba, you need a special skill.  I mentioned earlier, so I didn't want to say it again, but in the future, for example, for WBC 2017, I am wishing to go forward with the best four teams, to the semifinal round.

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