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March 9, 2013

Wandy Rodriguez


Q.  What does it mean to you to represent the Dominican Republic in this tournament?
WANDY RODRIGUEZ:  It's very important for me to represent my country.  It's my first time that I am participating in these games of the Classic, and it's very important, like I just told you, playing for my country and representing them as best as I can.

Q.  How will you face the challenge of pitching in the closing game?
WANDY RODRIGUEZ:  No, I've always had my pitching plan.  I'm going there to try to have good command of my pitches and locate them, and that's all I'm going to try to do.

Q.  Have you had a chance to watch the Puerto Rico game to know what you're going to be facing tomorrow against the local team?
WANDY RODRIGUEZ:  Yes, I saw the lineup, Puerto Rico's lineup.  It's a great lineup.  But as I told you a little while ago, I'm going to always try to locate the pitches where I believe I should throw them.

Q.  Your preparation prior to the game, how has it been up until now?  Have you had a chance to work out in Fort Myers?

Q.  How much did you pitch?
WANDY RODRIGUEZ:  Yes, I had a chance to pitch two innings, and I've been working getting ready.  We're in Spring Training right now.  The arm is not 100 percent because you haven't worked enough.  But I feel quite good, quite healthy.  My arm has no pain, and as I said, I'm going to try to locate the pitches.

Q.  In the winter did you have a chance to work out with any team in the Dominican Republic?
WANDY RODRIGUEZ:  No, I did not pitch in the winter, but I did work in Houston.

Q.  Talk to us about the chemistry that exists on the team, because in the initial game you could tell in the dugout they were having fun.
WANDY RODRIGUEZ:  That's how it is.  We enjoy it, every run that we score, and we have very good harmony.  We enjoy the games.  We are very in tune, very much in sync.

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