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March 8, 2013

Joe Torre


Team Mexico – 5
Team USA – 2

THE MODERATOR:  We'll go ahead and get started with questions for Joe Torre.

Q.  Could you tell me what you thought of Gallardo tonight.
JOE TORRE:  I thought he was good.  He made some pitches early in the game.  He kept the momentum on their side.  When they scored.  But I thought it looked like he had pretty good command.

Q.  Looking at the bracket right now, the only possibility for the U.S. is to win the last two, hope for an Italy‑‑ obviously Italy would have to lose one of them because you're playing them.  But a three‑way 2 and 1 spot basically is pretty much the only way.  How do you get the team motivated for those two games in that sense?
JOE TORRE:  Well, when they showed up here, they were motivated.  I'm not worried about that.  There's too much heart and there's too much class and too much ability in that room for one loss to change who they are and how they're going to approach it.
So that's not a concern for me.

Q.  Do you have a concern?
JOE TORRE:  No.  You want to win.  You want to win a game.  And we certainly were ready to go out there today, but they did a better job at what they were doing than what we were doing.
We both left a lot of guys on base, but they took advantage early of getting the leadoff hitter on.

Q.  How do you regroup and what's the mindset going into the game tomorrow?
JOE TORRE:  If we won today, it would have been the same mindset:  We need to win tomorrow.
This is the postseason approach.  You have to think about winning every day.  But if you don't win one day, I mean, you shouldn't be in the tournament if it's going to get you down to the point of not thinking you can win.
That's not a concern to me.  We certainly were ready to go out there and win tonight.  And, as I say, they did a better job than we did.
THE MODERATOR:  All right thank you, Joe.

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