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March 8, 2013

Chucky Jeffery

Linda Lappe


Colorado テや 70
Washington テや 59

THE MODERATOR:テつ Coach, an opening statement?
COACH LAPPE:テつ I'm really proud of our players.テつ I thought we stepped up big at certain times.テつ We had a lot of players come in and do their job perfectly tonight.テつ But particularly Kyleesha Weston and Jamee Swan coming in off the bench were huge for us.テつ When Brittany Wilson got into a little bit of foul trouble, they came in.テつ Didn't seem like who we brought in the game, we never missed a beat.テつ Allowed us to get some good rest so we were able to make a push at the end.
That's kind of what we've been good at all year long is being able to go on runs in the second half because we have so much depth.テつ So I'm excited for the win.テつ We'll enjoy it for a couple minutes here, definitely, and we'll get ready to move on to the next one.

Q.テつ How will you guys feel about going against Chiney after the big game she had earlier today?
CHUCKY JEFFERY: テつChiney a great player.テつ It's hard to stop Chiney, but this is what we wanted.テつ We want to face Stanford.テつ We think we match up with them really well, and we think it's going to be a good game.

Q.テつ Coach, how do you feel about the match‑up with Stanford?
COACH LAPPE:テつ Chiney is a great player, and they have a lot of great players.テつ They're executing their offense really well right now.テつ Understand what they're trying to get, working together really well.テつ They're also tough defensively because they're so big.テつ They're deceptively quick, and it's hard to get easy shots on them.
So we're excited for the match‑up.テつ There is only one way you can look at a match‑up with Stanford, and that is it's an opportunity.テつ We're going to look at it that way, and we'll have to make sure that we're ready.テつ We're playing really well together.テつ Yeah, they're the giants of the Pac‑12, and we get a shot at them.

Q.テつ Coach Lappe, how do you feel about the development of Lexy Kresl this year?
COACH LAPPE:テつ She's been able to really catch fire.テつ She got hurt a couple weeks ago.テつ That hurt her a little bit.テつ But before that, she was starting to really hit her shots and understand the offense.テつ Defensively I thought tonight she was really good.テつ I thought she did a nice job on Kingma.テつ That's an area she's improved a lot over the last year, and offensively she's starting to get back into the flow.テつ This was her first real game where she's been able to play quality minutes.
So you can see some rust out there at times on some of her shots being short and things like that.テつ But we're happy to have her back.テつ I think she adds a different dimension to our team.

Q.テつ What is it you guys or your team shot really poorly in the first half is a case of just getting accustomed to things?テつ And you picked it up in the second half?
COACH LAPPE:テつ We were really excited to play.テつ I think any time that's the case, you tend to miss some easy shots.テつ You saw that a lot yesterday in some of the first round games, and we kind of went through that to start the game.
But I liked how we stayed with it.テつ I like how we kept crashing the offensive glass.テつ We needed to get a lot of extra shots this game, and we did.テつ We showed a lot of toughness, and a lot of resolve chasing down loose basketballs to get us extra shots.
Finally in the second half we started to knock down some shots that we always shoot.テつ I thought we were taking great shots throughout.テつ Lot of times when you're missing shots, you're not taking shots that you practiced or you're rushing.テつ Not all of our shots were good.テつ They were within the flow of the offense.テつ We were just rushing a little bit, and we were a little bit too excited, I think.

Q.テつ Can you talk a little about Jamee's game, and Jamee, talk about your game?
COACH LAPPE:テつ Well, Jamee played outstanding.テつ She's strong.テつ She's physical.テつ I could tell in warm‑ups that she was ready to go.テつ Her goal is to just bring that consistency every single game, and when she's ready to play, that's when you saw a lot of the good things that she could do.テつ She was a force on the inside defensively, blocking a lot of shots or changed a lot of shots down in there.テつ Rebounding the basketball really well, both offensively and defensively, and then was aggressive down low in the black.
I liked how our team found her.テつ Late in the game there we ran a set for her and she executed and knocked it down.テつ The thing with her is she could have even had more.テつ She missed a lot of easy shots in the first half and she just had to slow down a little bit.テつ Once she did that, they started to come.
JAMEE SWAN:テつ I don't know really how to say.テつ I feel like I've played the best I've ever played.テつ It was really nice to actually be out there and not be afraid and know what I was doing and have my teammates behind me.テつ Helping me do what I have to do to be able to be on the court.

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