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March 8, 2013

June Daugherty

Lia Galdeira

Carly Noyes


Stanford テや 79
Washington State - 60

THE MODERATOR:テつ We welcome Coach Daugherty, Lia Galdeira, Carly Noyes, and Coach Mike Daugherty. Coach June, an opening statement?
COACH JUNE DAUGHERTY:テつ Mike's not undefeated as a head coach as of today.テつ My staff and Mike did a great job all year, all six years we've been together.テつ A lot of people ask about what turned the team over and letting someone else coach them.テつ I believe in all our coaches, and I think they did a great job given the adversity that was going on here the last couple of days, at least with me physically with appendicitis.
But really proud of our program.テつ We're competitive now, and that's something that when we walked into Pullman six years ago, we couldn't say that.テつ We have some great kids in this program.テつ You have a chance to see sometimes three and four freshmen on the floor at one time.
We've had great leadership from Carly Noyes and with Katie Grad and Ireti Amojo.テつ They've been fabulous seniors for us.テつ And done an amazing job with the team.テつ We may be the youngest team in the country.テつ We don't know.テつ We've never told our team that until now.テつ But with six freshmen and two sophomores, the leadership they've provided has been very much appreciated.
Today we had some good looks.テつ We didn't always knock them down, and Stanford was pretty good from the three tonight.テつ I think that that put us back on our heels a little bit.テつ But what I loved about this group is they continued to fight.テつ They've done this all year, no matter what the score is, where we're playing, who we're playing, what ranking they are.テつ They continue to fight and learn, and that's a credit to the seniors in the program.テつ We're really looking forward to another three or four years with this group, because they're very talented and very exciting.

Q.テつ Carly, you guys made a run at last year's tournament.テつ How much did that change expectations or just the mindset in terms of what you've come to expect now?
CARLY NOYES:テつ I think it gave us a whole bunch of confidence coming into this year.テつ We won last year, so we knew how to win, and we wanted to go on a run like we did and have as much fun as we could.

Q.テつ June, you started off in the first half behind the bench, and it seemed like in the second half, it was kind of irresistible?
COACH JUNE DAUGHERTY:テつ Well, I was under doctor's orders with all of the taping that I have on me right now.テつ I'm more taped than Lia, and that's pretty impossible sometimes, that I had to be behind a safety barrier not to get hit.テつ But on timeouts, we knew that nobody should be running in there, normally on a timeout or anything like that.テつ But it was definitely different.テつ Sitting up a couple of rows higher, and able to watch it from a different perspective and then on timeouts, I just tried to help with some of the adjustments that we were trying to do and some of the substitutions.
So it was really different.テつ I don't want to do it anymore.テつ It wasn't that good.テつ But, again, I can't say enough about my team.テつ To handle the adversity yesterday, it was a major distraction, because it happened about two hours before we took off for the game and again today.テつ And Mike and the entire staff are phenomenal leaders.

Q.テつ (No microphone)?
COACH JUNE DAUGHERTY:テつ I'm okay.テつ I'm all right.テつ I'm all right.

Q.テつ Lia, you had such a great freshman year.テつ What will you do over the summer to keep up the momentum?
LIA GALDEIRA:テつ Hit the weight room, workout, and then, again, like Coach June said, we had great leaders this year, Carly and Katie.テつ I give all the credit to them and God.

Q.テつ Carly, you guys had just played them.テつ To turn around and play them again quickly, do you feel like you played them more competitively tonight?
CARLY NOYES:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ We switched up our defensive game plan, and for the most part, it worked.テつ Credit to Chiney Ogwumike; she's tough to guard.テつ I think we did a good job for the most part.テつ The offense, we weren't hitting as many shots as we should have, but we got open looks?

Q.テつ Lia, what happened to you on that lay‑up?テつ I couldn't quite tell.
LIA GALDEIRA:テつ I don't know what happened either.テつ I think I just got numb.テつ And I looked at June and she can come out from surgery the next day, and I'm going to go back out there.

Q.テつ June, Chiney had 21 points, 20 rebounds.テつ What was the plan to contend with her?テつ And how do you think you played against her?
COACH JUNE DAUGHERTY:テつ Obviously we've seen her twice now in a week's time.テつ And we threw a lot of different defenses at her in particular.テつ She's so good, it's tough what you throw at her.テつ But we tried to front her and make her catch the ball higher out than where she typically catches it, and we have to have backside support.テつ Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.テつ Sometimes when you're doubling her, it's easy.テつ Because Stanford reverses the ball so quickly, to lose her a little bit on the backside rebounding.テつ I think that was probably the one thing that was really disappointing for me.テつ I thought we could at least box her out a little bit more, and get her the easy on the boards.テつ Tremendous player.テつ Played 38 minutes.テつ I believe she's the best post in the country.テつ I know some people down in Texas might dispute that a little bit or Baylor, and she's improved so much.テつ So I just wish she was a senior.

Q.テつ Carly, being one of the seniors on this team, what do you see as the future for this program?
CARLY NOYES:テつ I'm so excited to watch them.テつ They're so great.テつ They've improved so much this season.テつ And with that improvement in just one year, I think they're going to be so much better a few years from now.テつ So keep watching them, because I'm excited.

Q.テつ Was it challenging to hear June's voice coming from far away like not where you usually expected it during the game?
CARLY NOYES:テつ No, because she cheers us on all the time.テつ That's the great thing about June.テつ She's just so positive.テつ I don't know.テつ We loved that she was here today.テつ Thank you so much for being here.テつ We know it's not easy.テつ Yeah, she just kept cheering us on, and we heard her.
LIA GALDEIRA:テつ Her presence here did it all.テつ She didn't have to say anything.
COACH JUNE DAUGHERTY:テつ I'd just like to thank all of the people that put this together.テつ The Pac‑12, obviously, Seattle Storm.テつ This, for a coach that's been in this league 30‑something years as an assistant head coach, this is part of a great start of a dream come true for the best postseason experience for all of our student‑athletes, not just at Washington State, but a lot of the other great programs.
So I just want to thank them.テつ It's great to open up the Seattle Times and see all the headlines for women's basketball.テつ This is a long time coming, and what a great start for the Pac‑12 and the Storm and everybody the commissioner has put together for this.テつ We're looking forward to coming back and staying a little bit longer next year.テつ Thank you.

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