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March 8, 2013

Steve Stricker


Q.テつ Tiger's putting lesson, you starting to regret that lesson?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yes and no.テつ I mean, not really.テつ It's good to see him putting well and playing well.テつ You know, it's good for us, it's good for the game, and it's always good when he plays well; and unfortunately we are chasing him, so it's going to be difficult.

Q.テつ When we talked in January, you said obviously you were not going to play as much this year but maybe that would be a benefit to you playing a little less.テつ Wondering, so far, do you feel like that's working out the way you want?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Very much so.テつ Yeah, I feel good about the decision that I've made.テつ This is my third event, and besides taking the six weeks off prior to playing at the Match Play, my breaks are not going to be as‑‑ I'll have two or three weeks, or a week, and I'll stay probably sharp enough at home, play a little bit with my daughter and hit balls when I can still at home in the snow.
But yeah, I'm enjoying it and I can tell in my attitude out here, it's good, and I think that's the biggest thing is I'm coming out here rested, refreshed, excited to play and it's showing in my game, too.

Q.テつ At any point did you come close to snapping at your caddie at all today?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ No.テつ I can't do that.テつ (Laughter).
She caddied at the '96 Presidents Cup, and I did snap and Corey Pavin has not let me live that down to this day.テつ Corey and I were partners, I can't remember who we were playing, but I fluffed one out of the bunker and I just went around and took a big swipe of sand with my iron, I think it was like a 6‑ or 7‑iron, maybe 8‑iron, and I just layered a belt of sand right at Nicki, in her hair.
And to this day, Corey keeps asking her, "Have you got all the sand out of your hair."テつ Yeah, I watch what I do around her.テつ (Laughs).

Q.テつ Looks like you didn't all hit it straight off the tee today but you got it up‑and‑down?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I struggled a little bit with the driver in the middle of the round.テつ Mainly like on 18,1 and 2, and it was tough to get it in the fairway today.テつ Just the ball is rolling a little bit more.
Found a few of the edges of the rough, and when you do that around here, it makes it very difficult to fire at some of these pins.テつ So you end up playing away and just trying to make your par and move on and take advantage when you do get it in the fairway.
Yeah, I didn't get it in the fairway as much as I would like to, and so hopefully do that a little bit better tomorrow so I can be a little bit more aggressive from the fairway.

Q.テつ Any kind of an ominous feeling at a place like this when you see Tiger up there, 13‑under and looking like he might pull away?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Well, we've got a long ways to go yet.テつ It's supposed to get a little tougher this weekend, too, I think.テつ The wind is supposed to come up a little bit.テつ The course is firming up.
You know, it's going to be tough to catch him.テつ We all know when he gets out in front, he's tough to catch and tough to beat.テつ So looks like he's playing well, he's got‑‑ looks like all part of his game are working, and, yeah, he's going to be tough to catch.

Q.テつ Especially his putting.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I can go now?テつ Thank you.テつ Appreciate it.

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