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March 8, 2013

Hiram Burgos


Q.  Talk to me about the work that you were able to do on the mound.  How important do you think it is for the Puerto Rico team to start with three runs in the first inning and how it was for the other pitchers?
HIRAM BURGOS:  Well, it was excellent to score early in the game.  The pitchers needed to keep the game close, and thank God we did what we had to do.  We need to give thanks to the defense and we got some good double plays, and they played good defense during the whole game.
The pitchers and especially me, I just attacked the strike zone and let them put the ball in play, and put it on the defense, which is very good.

Q.  Were you surprised on the performance of the Spain team?  They didn't score runs but they got a few hits.
HIRAM BURGOS:¬† You know, you don't underestimate any team.¬† They are ballplayers like we are, and they have bats and we have gloves.¬† You can't relax too much, regardless of who we're playing with.¬† But the truth is that it was good action, and it was a close game.¬† It was 3‑0, so really thank God I was able to make the necessary pitches that we had to, and our defense got good double plays when we needed them.¬† That's it.

Q.  How would you consider in the general sense this game with Spain, which was their first in such a big event?
HIRAM BURGOS:  I really considered it huge for them.  This is a blessing, and I believe that they feel like that, and it is something that they are very proud of being here in the Classic as we are, as the young guys here.  And really I tip my cap to them because they did a great job, really.
The game was excellent, and I mean, there's always a winner and a loser.  But my credit and my blessing to them.

Q.  How important is this victory for tomorrow, to get a win against Venezuela and go to the next round?
HIRAM BURGOS:  Well, it's extremely important, as we were talking about, to have that first game, to win that first game.  It's really the most important thing in the tournament because now we have to concentrate on Venezuela, and we concentrate on each game at a time.  The first game was the first game, and now we concentrate on Venezuela, and then after tomorrow we'll concentrate on the Dominicans.
But I know that the guys are really motivated, and this victory today is big for us, and that way we can go with a positive mindset for tomorrow's game.

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