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March 8, 2013

Chang-Heng Hsieh

Chien-Ming Wang



Q.  That was a wonderful game, although you were defeated by Japan; what is in your mind right now?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  First of all, all my players played very well.  I can't thank everybody enough.  These games throughout this international tournament, I am always eager to play hard so that we can step closer to Japan.
Tonight, although we lost against Japan, but we appealed a lot of pressure for Japan.  And I am very much looking forward for the future that Chinese Taipei is getting tougher.  The result was not something I want to do but some day in the future, I would like to get in these big games in the future.

Q.  What a wonderful outing.  Do you have any comment for him?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  Yes, he went six innings without any runs.  We can't explain except for the result.  He is our ace pitcher and he gave us a lot of stability.  Unfortunately we couldn't beat Japan, but all of the players played as hard as they can.  I'm proud of them and today we played against such tough competitors, and I would like to challenge again in the future.

Q.  40,000‑plus fans were surprised how well you pitched, seeing such a big game.
WANG CHIEN‑MING:  Today I was paying attention to the location.  Japanese pitchers very tough to get out.  They are very good hitters.  Each individual player played hard.

Q.  If you could choose one specific reason why you lost, could you indicate, specify?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  The last pitcher we put, his performance is not something I was expecting.  But overall, Japan defeated the WBC two times in a row, they are the champion and they are so tough to play against.  We are trying to get the victory against Japan so that we use as much pitchers as we can, but we couldn't.  We learned a lot from this experience.

Q.  Tonight's contest, that was so close, but that game in 2004, the Olympic Games against Japan, that also went into extra innings and also you were defeated by Japan.  Compared to these games, what is in your mind of the Japanese lineup and the Japanese game?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  Yes, whim comparing these two games, Team Japan never give up.  They are so tough.  That gave us a lot of pressure.

Q.  Your team gave everything you had and after such a tough and emotional game, how do you get them to turn it around and have to play a big Cuba team with your tournament on the line?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  Yes, not only you, but we all are impressed how they played.  Still my heart is beating up, but against, it's over ask tomorrow's game, we play a brand new game and we have to reset the mind and we will play tomorrow.
We played against Cuba a couple games during the Olympic Games.  We knew each other, so Cuba is such a strong history of baseball, they are tough, as well.  So I want all of my pitcher, the best.  I wish all of my pitchers the best.

Q.  You pitched very well in both games in the WBC this year and you still don't have a team; do you think you can earn a job, as part of the Major Leagues maybe?
WANG CHIEN‑MING:  I am only focusing on the current game.  It's all up to my agent.  I rely on my agent.  I trust my agent.  Of course I am wishing that I can have the best season.

Q.  The pitcher who pitched the tenth inning, Yang Yao‑Hsun, is he supposed to be a starter for tomorrow?  If so, do you have a reason and can you tell me, please?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  I never thought he was going to be tomorrow's starter.

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