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March 7, 2013

Promise Amukamara

Janae Fulcher

Charli Turner Thorne



COACH THORNE:  Well, we had our offensive struggles all year long, and we just needed to play 40 minutes of defensive rebounding, and unfortunately we did not do that.  We played a good 20 minutes and then we faded and let Galdeira get going and gave their post the lead to post up.  Disappointing but just lessons learned for a very young team on our end, and looking forward to coming back next year with a roster at full strength.

Q.  What were you seeing open inside there tonight?
JANAE FULCHER:  Honestly, whatever the defense gave us, we had them wide open and defensively just tried to take advantage of thatand sometimes we didn't, but took pretty much whatever they gave us.

Q.  Having played them twice before, what did you think you might be able tolook into ‑‑
COACH THORNE:  We really couldn't finish shots.  We just struggled.  That's been our Achilles' heel pretty much all year, especially in Pac‑12 is just, are we going to make shots.
Obviously again, we are a bit limited offensively, but Janae has done a great job for us all year, but we don't have anybody else consistently really scoring for us.
We needed to knock down some shots and finish a little bit better, play through the physicality of the game better, which we had not done, and take a little better care of the ball.  We squandered too many possessions.  You hold a team to 48 points, you should win.  Our goal is around 55 and we should be able to get more than that if we are executing offense and taking care of the ball, getting second shots.  And we didn't execute well.  Did not execute well.
And a lot of our not scoring is not even so much that our players can't put the ball in the basket.  It's just the lack of‑‑ poor leadership and just people doing what they are supposed to be doing.  We are not reading things correctly.  We are not running things correctly a lot.  It just makes it difficult to score.  So they know it.  We know it.  It's just a very, very young and inexperienced team learning the hard way.

Q.  As a person who has been part of the tournament since 2002, can you talk a little bit about the atmosphere today, in comparison to the past?
COACH THORNE:  Absolutely, yeah.  I think obviously we aren't going to stay around very long, but I'm excited that Karen and the Seattle Storm wanted this tournament and I know you can just feel‑‑ you obviously feel the Washington fans; we had to play a Washington team, but they came out.  In general, I feel like we have had probably better atmosphere than we've had in a while; and on early games and on games in the first day, we've never really had that.
So I'm very encouraged.  This is a great city.  I coached at UW for two years and we out drew the men the two years I was there.  It's got great tradition for loving women's basketball, and for that I'm very excited that it's here and I know that the Storm and everybody is going to continue to do a great job and we look forward to being back next year.  I want to thank everybody that's working here, everybody was tremendous and everybody was wonderful to work with, so thank you.

Q.  What do you think about a player like Promise, one of the smallest players on the floor today, and she had career‑high rebounds, as high as anyone else today?
COACH THORNE:  Great question.  We even think she might have had more than 14, because it was 14 at one point and I think she got one or two more.  I know she would trade them all in for a W.
Promise has had an amazing season in what has been an incredibly disappointing season in terms of wins and losses, but Promise has been a bright spot for our team in terms of her growth and development, offensively and defensively, in every way learning what it takes at this level.  And so I think people can see that and very excited for the next two years.

Q.  Following up that, did you make a point going to the glass to try to find another way to contribute since your shot wasn't going?
PROMISE AMUKAMARA:  Yeah, I think the whole goal was to rebound and play defense well, so I knew I had to get rebounds.  My shot wasn't falling, I wasn't making shots, so I knew I had to pick it up on the other end.

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