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March 7, 2013

Steve Stricker


Q.テつ Tiger said you helped him out apparently on the practice range and he said given your limited schedule, he might higher you now as his putting coach?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I told him last night, if you put me on your payroll, I could play a little bit less.
Did he say he putted good?

Q.テつ No, he did putted good, and he said he putted good?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Good.テつ Yeah, you know, we watched each other's strokes for a long time, and I just‑‑ you know, he was talking a little yesterday that a couple of putts were bothering him and you know, I always hate to interject anything with him.テつ But he was open to it, and you know, you don't want to screw a guy up either.テつ But when I left him last night, he was really excited and it looked like he was rolling it really good then.テつ So you know but you never know, you could hurt the guy, giving him a tip or two, or you could help him out.テつ I was glad to see him when he shot 6‑under.

Q.テつ What's his negative tendency?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ You know, his big swing gets into his setup of his putting stroke and he's been chipping a lot, so he gets way to the left and his grip was on a little strong and he was kind of dropping it back and under and then trying to save it and turn it over.テつ It was just a couple little things there.テつ And he actually had his hands behind the ball.テつ Looked like he had a lot of loft on there when I was looking at it.テつ So just tried to get him set up in a better position where he could feel like he could accelerate down through the line a little bit.テつ And he really felt good.テつ Last night, he was really excited, so that's always good to see.

Q.テつ Talk about the dynamic of this game is so different, you're helping, who knows how many strokes you helped him.テつ If he ends up being two strokes better than you on Sunday, it's a fascinating dynamic ... do you find that interesting?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, it is kind of interestingテつ but it's the nature of our game.テつ No matter who‑‑ I remember playing here one year, I played with Jack, and I was hitting it‑‑ one of those years I wasn't playing very well and I got done, and he's like, "I'll meet you on the range."テつ (Laughter)テつ And I had made the cut and he didn't.
You know, he just took some time to help me out.テつ I was hitting the driver really poorly.テつ He took the time out to help me and figure some things out.
So I think it's just the nature of our game that we're friends out here, although we are competitors, we are friends.テつ And you like to see your friend do well, and you sometimes need another pair of eyes.テつ Tiger, I'm sure, didn't feel any of those things that I saw, but I've watched him so much over the years that, you know, I saw right away, and anyways, you know, he helps me out, too, and I think like I said, it's just the nature of our game.

Q.テつ In 2009, would you say that when you look at him, are you going back to that sort of 2008‑2009, the stance he had, the setup that he had?テつ That's what you're thinking?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, and really, you know, watching him on TV over the years, back in 2000, 2001, I played with him in'97; and just watching him then, I've always liked the way he putts it.テつ We've talked a lot about it over the years.テつ We have the same ideas‑‑ although we do different things to get it there, we have the same principles I think.テつ He's open to hearing what I have to say sometimes, which is flattering I guess to me.テつ I guess, you know‑‑ yeah, it is what it is.テつ We try to help each other out and he's helped me out a bunch of times, too.

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