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March 7, 2013

Colt Ryan

Marty Simmons

Troy Taylor


THE MODERATOR:  We welcome the Evansville Purple Aces and head coach Marty Simmons along with Colt Ryan and Troy Taylor.
COACH SIMMONS:  We've got a lot of respect for our opponents, Coach Lansing, tough‑minded team.  Got good players.  Odum is the best in the league.  Congratulations to him, first team.  We anticipate Manny being back, terrific player.  They play very hard.  Very tough time, very competitive team.  They have a tremendous conference.

Q.  Marty, I imagine, given the rematch, how does it affect things or change things?  How are kind of the mechanics?
COACH SIMMONS:  We do.  I think the main thing is just the anticipation of playing.  Such terrific players, dynamic players.  They're so versatile.  They can do so many things for the basketball team.  There's things we did in the previous two games that we're going to work at, see if they executed, number one.  We want to try to do something different.
There's just a lot of variables that you can look at from our standpoint and try to do better or make an adjustment, different lineups, play certain situations differently.  You treat it just like any other game, any other preparation.  It's just from this standpoint, one of their better players didn't play.  [Inaudible.]

Q.  You had a nice run the last couple of weeks in the season.  What did your team do better during that period they maybe didn't do earlier in the conference season?
COACH SIMMONS:  That's a good question.  Maybe these guys can answer that better than me.
Every game that we played throughout the season, they've been a competitive bunch.  They really have been unselfish, and I think they've been that all year.  That's a tough question, I guess, for me to get my fingers on.  I'm pretty proud of just how they've hung in there throughout the entire season.
With some of the tough losses we've had, they've been able to come back.
COLT RYAN:  I think we've done a great job of executing our details down the stretch.  Execute on offense a little better.
THE MODERATOR:  Additional questions for Coach Simmons?  We'll move on to questions from the student‑athletes.  Questions for Colt Ryan and Troy Taylor.

Q.  For Colt and Troy both, what are the similarities between yourselves and the other team?  Subtle differences here and there.  But does Indiana State bring that kind of toughness out of you guys?
TROY TAYLOR:  First thing, I feel like every game we bring the toughness.  I think the similarities, they play small.
COLT RYAN:  There's a lot of different lineups that we'll see out there tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR:  On the right.  We talked a lot about what does it mean to be a student‑athlete?
COLT RYAN:  It means a lot.  I pride myself being a great person not only on the court but also off.  That's how I've been raised.  My parents have done a great job with that, with me.  They instilled that in me very early, and I just try to be the best I can be at everything I do.there's been considerable debate nationally about lower scoring, basic play and so forth.  If you guys could change something about the game to speed it up and add scoring, what would it be?  Would it be officiating?  Would it be shot clock?  Pick one thing.
COLT RYAN:  I wouldn't say officiating.  I think the officials do a great job out there.  That's a tough question.  I would say that maybe lower the shot clock a little bit.  But even at 35 seconds, the NBA is at 24.  So maybe somewhere in between there or something.
TROY TAYLOR:  [Inaudible.]
THE MODERATOR:  Any other questions?  I believe we're done.  Gentlemen, thank you so much.

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