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September 2, 1996

Michael Chang


Q. Good performance on your match today, Michael.

MICHAEL CHANG: Tonight was definitely, I think, a better match for me. I was playing better tennis, things were going pretty well tonight.

Q. Anything in particular you're going to be working on for your next match?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think I'll just continue to pretty much work on everything. I was pleased that my serve was better tonight. I definitely had to serve better tonight. Jakob would be coming in on the second serve and coming in effectively. For me it was an important part of the match today. Just take tomorrow off and just prepare for the next round.

Q. Compared to last game, you seemed pretty relaxed than the last time. Do you think the fans support help you a lot tonight?

MICHAEL CHANG: You know, fan support is great. It has been wonderful throughout my career. You know, I think tonight, you know, walking on the court I was pretty relaxed. It was just one of those nights where things really went well. I mean, I still had to come out and play good tennis because Jakob is a darn good player. But, yeah, everything felt pretty good today.

Q. After playing five sets in the other round, was it important for you to make this one in three?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think, you know, whenever you're able to win a match, whether it's three sets or five sets, I don't think you really complain. I wouldn't be complaining about winning the last match in five sets. It's just something that, you know, do what you have to do. Sometimes if it takes three sets, it's three, if it's, four, four sets, if it's five, five sets. You do what you need to do in order to get things done. My last match was a very, very tough match.

Q. I mean, physically and mentally sometimes if you have two tough matches in a row?

MICHAEL CHANG: Possibly, possibly. I think, you know, it's true that if you do have maybe too many matches. I think Pete Sampras is a good example of that at the French Open this year, he had so many tough five-set matches, going into the semifinals he was pretty tired. I think it was good that tonight was three straight sets. It was still tough. Also at night you're not going to feel quite as much fatigue as maybe during the day.

Q. You were staying out on the island, Michael. What do you do, for example, on your off day? Do you come out here and practice?

MICHAEL CHANG: I do. I don't think I do anything different than anybody else. I'm staying with family, so the US Open for me is a relaxing tournament. I come in and get a light hit and stuff, go back, watch the other guys bust their butts, just pretty much take it easy.

Q. What was your opponent's greatest strength tonight that you were trying to play against?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think it was important for me to return well, to return well and serve well. Jakob has a very good serve and also he covers the net very well. I mean, he's primarily a serve and volley player, but he's also a great doubles player. He has a very good sense of where he is at the net, so it was important for me to do both tonight.

Q. By the end of the third set you stretched, you were on your knees, seemed like you were talking to the crowd?


Q. To someone?

MICHAEL CHANG: I was talking to the linesman. I was pretty sure I had a bad call at the baseline. You know, everyone's human. He saw it good, so.

Q. Were there any calls that he complained about that you thought might have been in or were they justified?

MICHAEL CHANG: The forehand he hit actually on that one side, that was pretty close. I didn't really get a good look at it, but that was pretty close. We had quite a few, actually, pretty close calls. Jakob felt that some calls went against him, I felt some calls went against me. Like I said, everyone's going to get bad calls. Some are going to go for you, some are going to go against you. You really can't let that bother.

Q. You do you think he lost it because of the calls?

MICHAEL CHANG: No, I don't think so. Jakob is a veteran on Tour. He knows the Tour very well. He's been in almost every situation. He knows how to handle these kind of things. He's very much a veteran on Tour. He seemed actually pretty relaxed tonight.

Q. Michael, now you go through the quarterfinals, how far ahead are you actually looking at this point?

MICHAEL CHANG: Quarterfinals, just taking things match by match really. Players are just too good to be looking ahead. For me, you know, Javier Sanchez is a really tough player, a lot of tough matches with him, a lot of long points. To play him in quarterfinals is not going to be easy.

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