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March 5, 2013

Jon Deeble

Chris Oxspring



THE MODERATOR:テつ Jon, tournament ends for Australia today.テつ Your thoughts on today and the entire tournament?
JON DEEBLE:テつ Again, we've talked about this three days in a row, but we give up three and four in the first inning, it's tough to manage.テつ It's tough to play.テつ It's a lot easier to pitch from that position.テつ We've been over this.テつ But, again, we gave up four runs in the first two innings, and the bats just didn't go our way.
The first five innings the wind was blowing out.テつ The last inning we hit a ball to the fence with the wind blowing in and could have tied the ballgame.テつ That's the way it goes.テつ It's disappointing.
We're a better team than what we showed.テつ But we didn't hit in this tournament, and I don't think the pitching was particularly good from their side‑‑ I should take that back.テつ It's not that there was bad pitching.テつ The pitching we faced two games before was outstanding, and I thought Cordemans was a very good pitcher, but I thought we should have hit the ball better.テつ I think we might have even outhit them today.

Q.テつ Chris, you were able to pitch twice in this tournament starting in the first game.テつ Talk about some of the hitters you've faced and the quality of the hitting in the tournament?
CHRIS OXSPRING:テつ You know, you come to the world tournament like this, and you expect to face the best in the world.テつ They have a couple of big leaguers over on their side and a couple of big leaguers from the Chinese Taipei team as well.テつ So to face that quality on a regular basis, it's fantastic.
It puts a lot of pressure on you, and depending on how you handle that pressure will dictate the results.テつ It's been awesome to watch these guys play and definitely be a part of it.

Q.テつ Obviously, this is disappointing, but can you take any positives or what lesson is learned from this major tournament in Taiwan?
JON DEEBLE:テつ I guess the point is our top 10 players aren't here.テつ So if we were to do something better, it's have the ability to get our top players here.テつ The Dutch team has got Andruw Jones.テつ They're able to get Balentien.テつ They're able to get Xander Bogaerts.テつ So they're able to get Simmons, and they're able to get Sams.
If we look back and we bring out the best ten players that we didn't have, and that's not to take anything away from our guys, but we have ten Major League guys sitting over there in America at the moment.テつ Guys that are starting pitching in the big leagues, and we've got a closer over there in the big leagues.テつ We've got a centerfielder over there.テつ So if there is something that we need to get better at is the ability to get our players here.
I think people forget this, but in the Netherlands this is the one or two sport, in Taiwan, and Korea, in Japan, and it is in Cuba.テつ In Australia, this is our number ten sport.テつ We don't have the funds that these people have.テつ We go to Japan the other week, and we've got 20, 30 baseballers and they've got the World Baseball Classic baseball three weeks before the tournament starts, and they brought them.
But we don't have the funds for advanced scouting and things like that that these other teams do.テつ We don't get the opportunity to do that because we're a very modern sport in Australia.
But, in saying that, we have 20,000, 30,000 people playing baseball, and we've got 34 players in the Major Leagues.テつ And there is not another country in the world that has that percentage of Major League he players out of one country.テつ So, not performing well here, we take responsibility for that.テつ But we also do a bloody good job for what we have.

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