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November 20, 1996

Michael Chang


Q. Michael, Thomas said you didn't play as aggressively as normal. Is that the way you saw it?

MICHAEL CHANG: Yeah, that is part of it. I think that this week, obviously, has not been a great week for me. So, just going to have to kind of get back to the drawing board in a sense. I think that maybe I got to work a little bit harder and be a little bit more focused. But, I think that was one of the reasons why I just didn't have a whole lot of breakpoints today. I think normally against Thomas I would be able to have a few more breakpoints and make the match -- make it a lot more closer than what it was today.

Q. Mentally, are you tired at this time of year now?

MICHAEL CHANG: I don't feel mentally tired. But, I think it is, obviously, a bit frustrating coming into this event and losing your first two matches. But, like I said, it is just something that's going to have to kind of -- just kind of get back to the drawing board as far as, you know, as far as, like, work ethic and things to focus on and concentrate on because I feel like the matches should be a lot closer than what they should be. So, -- and I know that I cannot only compete with these guys, but I know I can beat them. So, that needs to reflect a little bit more so in my game, I feel.

Q. Your head-to-head with him is 5-1. Any special reason why is he so tough for you to beat?

MICHAEL CHANG: I think one of them -- for one reason I think Thomas is very good on clay. Most of those matches were on clay. So, that is one reason. I think Thomas obviously is a great competitor. I feel like my chances against him are much better on other surfaces than clay. But, on this particular day he was better than I was. But, I think when you think about it, record doesn't really mean a whole lot because everybody has beaten everybody. The guys realize that anything can happen on any particular day.

Q. You gave him a very important point at the end of the first set which gave him 40-15. Were you expecting for him to do the same thing with you in the second set when you had a certain tough call?

MICHAEL CHANG: What point?

Q. The ace.

MICHAEL CHANG: No, I didn't give him that one. I was -- the ball was called out, yeah. No, I didn't give -- I was arguing that ball because I saw it good. But, you know -- I wouldn't give him a ball if I thought it -- if it was my point.

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