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March 3, 2013

Geoff Ogilvy


JOHN BUSH:テつ We'd like to welcome Geoff Ogilvy into the interview room here at The Honda Classic.テつ Challenging day out there, you sure made it interesting down the stretch.テつ Great chip‑in on 16, birdie on 18, just comment on the day as a whole for us.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ Good day really.テつ Probably harder today than it was yesterday on the course.テつ I think the wind kind of died a tiny bit for us yesterday but it was getting stronger and stronger towards the end and it's getting cold, too, which is not what we come to Florida for.
But yeah, I played nicely.テつ I got off to a much better start today parring the first two holes and I played really solid all day.テつ I never really was that close to the hole.テつ I could have holed a couple of putts I guess on the front nine.テつ I 3‑putted 3 for par and had a pretty good chance on the next hole.
But all in all I was pretty happy with whenever I missed it, I missed it in a place where I couldn't get up‑and‑down and hit a good pitch most of the time and got it up‑and‑down.
Yeah, 16, I mean, it's kind of pick your poison out of the fairway bunker.テつ You miss it way short of the green or miss it over the green in those crosswinds, it's either going to fade and go downwind, or draw and go into the wind.テつ Bonus to chip that in.
And hit a great shot on 17, a pretty poor putt, and two good shots on 18 and hit a really good putt.テつ I thought that was going to go a bit closer to the hole, but anything under par today I think was a pretty good score, as evidenced by not many people did that, I don't think.
JOHN BUSH:テつ You always seem to play well in South Florida, you have to be very happy with your second place finish getting you in next week at Doral.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ Yeah, I just heard that.テつ Doug actually told me that yesterday, which I didn't think that was possible, I thought I had to win.テつ So that's a bonus.テつ Wasn't any fun missing the Match Play and it wouldn't have been any fun missing next week, both are tournaments that I've played well in before.テつ I was set to miss my flight anyway, tonight, so it's kind of handy that I got in next week.

Q.テつ As kind of a veteran, you've been in the heat of battle and in the majors and whatnot, can you talk about Michael Thompson who is behind you there, who has not really been in the heat as much and he kind of seemed to hang in there, even though you're out playing with him‑‑
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ Well, I didn't see how he did it, but this is a tough golf course.テつ And it only gets‑‑ I mean, 15 and 17 are kind of playing a little easier because they are downwind.テつ But you don't have to do much wrong to be making a bogey out there.テつ So it's pretty impressive‑‑ did he make that putt at the last?テつ That's a pretty impressive score.テつ Yeah, it's great effort really.
As you saw by the evidence by the rest of the scores, it's a very hard golf course and it seems to get progressively harder in some ways.テつ You turn around on 14 and you turn into the wind; there's a disaster waiting everywhere.
Yeah, it's a pretty impressive effort.テつ There's a lot of golf courses on TOUR that it might be easy to close out a golf tournament, or easier, but this is not one of them.テつ This is probably one of the hardest.

Q.テつ I think you're projected at 46th now in the world, so must feel good to I guess have your back against the wall a little bit and to put something together.テつ
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ It was nice.テつ As I said, missing the Match Play wasn't much fun and the thought, I basically just assumed I was missing Doral because I thought I had to win.テつ I mean, I thought, well, if I could win, that would be great and I would get in but I kind of pencilled in a week off next week.
So, it's nice, and it gets me back in the mix for the Masters, because I'm not in the Masters yet.テつ Obviously I would have loved to have won here and sealed that but at least I've gone the right direction, made a decent jump in the World Ranking.テつ And if I can play well at a course next week that I've played well at before, hopefully I can make more of a move up and get back to Augusta.

Q.テつ Did you bring enough clothes for next week?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ I'm going to have to go do some laundry I think.テつ I haven't got a hotel room for tonight.テつ But half the TOUR lives in this area, so I'm sure I can find somewhere to stay.

Q.テつ In baseball, there's a lot of three‑game series, and no matter what happens in one series, they move on to the next series.テつ When you come from the West Coast and then you come to Florida and now of course you have a week added to Florida, does it seem like a fresh start or is it more like‑‑
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ It does.テつ I think it does.テつ The West Coast has a distinct feel, doesn't it, or to me‑‑ well, the California ones do, from the Hope to Tucson, they feel like West Coast, early‑in‑the‑year tournaments.テつ You get to Florida, and I know there's some golf watchers who don't even turn on golf until now, I think traditionally.テつ And Greg always told me he didn't consider golf starting until now.テつ He used to start first week in Florida.
I mean, the TOUR starts the first week in January in Maui, but there's definitely a distinct, 'we're getting right into the season now' when you get to Florida feel, I think.

Q.テつ Is your mind‑set a little bit now this is a fresh start for yourself, as well?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ I kind of had to view it like that because it was going to pear‑shaped on the West Coast that I kind of had to view it as, this is my first week of the year, let's just kind of start again.
JOHN BUSH:テつ Nice playing, keep it going next week.

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