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March 3, 2013

Na Yeon Choi


Q.  Quite a battle all day between you guys, was it fun to be part of something like that?
NA YEON CHOI:  I think I kind of was missing this feeling, this kind of challenge.  I mean, I started with a bogey on 2, but I tried to do my best until the last hole.  I mean, it's still a good result, I will take that.
I mean, last year, I finished runner‑up, too.  I went into playoff and lost.  I really want to win this week and some motivation from last year, but second place is still good position.  You know, I have tomorrow, future, next week tournament.

Q.  You gave yourself a chance up until the end on 18 when you hit that third shot, take me through what your approach was on 18?
NA YEON CHOI:  Actually the front tee shot, I tried really hard for my tee shot, and my ball kind of landing very softly, so it didn't bounce much.
I couldn't reach in two, but third shot was kind of like my favourite number to like 68 pin.  So I just tried 60, just little hard at impact, but that putt was kind of like, I couldn't see.  I mean, I aimed a little right but it's moved left more than I thought.  But I mean, I don't want to think about that, you know, just like more future coming, so I just want to think how I did well.

Q.  Watching Stacy down the stretch, you've been there, too, when it's tough to hold on to the lead, how impressive was it that she was able to get things right on 18?
NA YEON CHOI:  Surprised that she hit driver on last hole.  I mean, everybody knows she's a good player and she had that kind of experience a lot, so I mean, she deserved it, yeah.

Q.  Your third shot on 18 was 68 metres?
NA YEON CHOI:  68 to the pin.

Q.  And how long was your putt?
NA YEON CHOI:  12 feet.

Q.  We have talked a lot with Yani being No. 1 and you guys are all chasing her now, is it fun to have tournaments like this, you and Stacy are right up there, No. 2 and looks like she's probably going to move to No. 3 this week after her win.  Is it fun to have these weeks where you're all playing well and pushing that?
NA YEON CHOI:  I think this is more fun than like only one player play well, like clear‑cut, because there is not really a clear‑cut No. 1 right now.  I think everybody, you know, good competitor with each other and motivate each other, and if someone wins, and I feel like, oh, I need to win next week, that kind of motivates.  So, I feel like very excited.

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