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March 3, 2013

Catriona Matthew


Q.  We don't quite where you finish yet but it was a good week all in all?
CATRIONA MATTHEW:  Yeah, I was pleased with how I played  on the whole.  I thought it was a pretty tricky course and I didn't think the scoring would be as low as how it has been, but, yeah, pleased with how I played.

Q.  Do you wish the wind had stayed up all week rather than just today?
CATRIONA MATTHEW:  No, it's tricky enough.  I'm pleased with my three weeks.  Got a few things to work on the next couple of weeks but pleased with my start.

Q.  You've had a really good start to the year in your last two weeks.
CATRIONA MATTHEW:¬† Yeah, I had an 8th and 14th and Top‑10, quite nice.

Q.  And is that because you prepared differently by going to Abu Dhabi and practising ahead of it?
CATRIONA MATTHEW:  Yeah, I think that definitely helped.  I had probably four and a half days of really good practice with Kevin.  I think that really helped to get me just kind of swinging it better for the start of the year.  Not feeling quite as rusty as last year.

Q.  Feel much sharper and ready to go?

Q.  Are you going next week?
CATRIONA MATTHEW:  No, having two weeks off, next one and San Diego.

Q.  And your thoughts to the year ahead, feels good?
CATRIONA MATTHEW:  Yeah, obviously looking forward to the Solheim and St. Andrews will be great, so, yeah, there's some good things to look forward to.

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