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March 3, 2013

Chang-Heng Hsieh

Wei-Lun Pan

Dai-Kang Yang



THE MODERATOR:  Manager Chang‑Heng Hsieh and our second pitcher of the day, Wei‑Lun Pan and Dai‑Kang Yang.  Can you talk about the game and the catch‑up from behind?  Can you talk about how you feel about the players in this game?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  Pan after taking the responsibility from the starting pitcher, he stopped the offense of Netherlands.  And Dai‑Kang Yang, the two‑run home run is huge for us.
In general, I'm very satisfied with the performance.  There are some good plays.  After the game, I'm a little bit relaxed right now.  It's difficult for me to summarize all of the details of the game.  Maybe we can talk about details later.
THE MODERATOR:  Pan, can you talk about the game?  You entered the game with the bases loaded, but you successfully resolved a crisis.  How do you feel about the game?
WEI‑LUN PAN:  In the beginning I just wanted to stop the loss and trying to stop their offense.  In the beginning I started a little bit cold.  I hope that I can improve the situation next time.

Q.  Can you talk about your performance today?  Your home run actually turned the game around.  How do you feel?
DAI‑KANG YANG:  It's not just me.  I think our offense basically connected.  When there are people on base, I seized the opportunity and I thank the team for their support.

Q.  Pan, you got a hit in the beginning.  As we know before the game, Netherlands is strong in terms of their offense.  But after the first hit, you didn't allow any runs.  What do you think is the key to your success today?
WEI‑LUN PAN:  I think the defense, the fielding actually are doing very good.  We had a very‑‑ we had a few successful plays so that they basically take away my pressure so that I can concentrate on pitching.

Q.  The next game versus Korea, what do you think about the game?  What kind of preparation or strategy do you have?
CHANG‑HENG HSIEH:  So far we take two wins, but it does not totally guarantee the ticket to Tokyo.  But I think we have a good chance.
At the moment I'm actually thinking about the game against Korea.  We know that Korea is doing very well in international tournaments compared to us, so this time I truly like to show our best to fight against Korea.  So I hope that we can get three wins with one day's rest.  On Tuesday, we hope to see the best result.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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