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March 3, 2013

Ismel Jimenez

Victor Mesa Martinez


CUBA – 5

Q.  It's a good start winning the ballgame, what's your impression of today's game?
VICTOR MESA MARTINEZ:  Yes, the result was good.  We won.  We won the first game.  That's the important thing.  Our third game is played against Japan, so it's a good preparation.  Had a good experience playing in this ballpark, and also we have a game against China tomorrow.  All I have to do is just concentrate what we can do and all the team is there together.  And try to win a game tomorrow.

Q.  For your offense, you have a lot of strategy, hit‑and‑run, bunt signs, how do you satisfy today's offense of your team?
VICTOR MESA MARTINEZ:  Yes, always, I am always wishing that we can win.  And I think we should win more easily but we can't.  That's a fact.  We should do all the best always, and as a hitter's field, you have to‑‑ you wish to play well on the hitter's box, that's all the hitters position, and also as the manager, I am expecting all players to play well, but some do, some don't.  Some of the hitters, I want them to pull, hit it to the opposite field, but some don't.
Some of the players are not playing as what we planning for the game.  I know baseball is a tough game.  Of course, as it looks easy, some of the play is difficult.  I also understand, but bottom line, I am happy because we had a result.

Q.  How do you evaluate your outing for today and do you have A+, or how do you evaluate your outing today?  And if you score yourself, what's the score?
ISMEL JIMENEZ:  First of all, I am happy because we won the ballgame.  Team Brazil is a very tough and good competitor, but luckily we won.  We tried to keep going.

Q.  Pitched five innings and I don't think you have a chance to pitch again in the first round, or you might going to pitch, play against Japan.  How do you think about your next outing?
ISMEL JIMENEZ:  First of all, my first outing is‑‑ my first time is‑‑ whenever I have a chance to pitch next time, I'm trying to get as many outs as I can.  The bottom line, we want to win.  That's my biggest concern, to get out and to get a win.

Q.  First of all, congratulations to winning.  When you are young, when you are a player, young major player such as Iglesias, and also what's your impression of Mr.Francisco?
VICTOR MESA MARTINEZ:  First of all what he did is exactly what I was expecting.  As a team, we go forward, as a pitcher, Iglesias in very good condition.  Some of the result s is not what I was expecting.
But everybody, all the reporters, all the writers knows the result; we won, so some of the pitcher cannot throw where they want to be able.  But part of baseball is, be patient.  You have to be patient.  Little by little, day by day, you can fix, become a better player.

Q.  Was it tough to face against Rienzo, team Brazil's starting pitcher?  I think for the future, they use a lot of hit‑and‑run and bunt, hit it to the opposite field, strategy, do you use a lot?
VICTOR MESA MARTINEZ:  Yes, the location is the key.  He had a good command.  He pitched very solid, one, two, three inning.
Yeah, if we could score run early in the innings, the game could be a different story.  But overall, Rienzo pitched very well.

Q.  If you know, please tell me the starting pitcher for team China, if you have a special plan to play against China.  If you do, please let me know.
VICTOR MESA MARTINEZ:  Yes, we are still thinking, the starting pitcher, but maybe Freddy is going to start against China.  Personally, starting pitcher is very important part of the ballgame.  And as a starter, you wish to pitch throughout the fifth inning, and also the first inning is very important, too.  All the pitchers are trying to put all effort together to clinch the Pool A.

Q.  When you play Cuban domestic tournament, domestic ballgame, you're using Japanese‑‑ some of the Japanese pitcher are having trouble, having a tough time adjusting to WBC balls.
VICTOR MESA MARTINEZ:  Can you repeat the question, because I don't get the question.
Once again, I don't get that conversation, I don't get that meaning, so please repeat.

Q.  Yes, tell me about the baseball, do all the pitchers tend to slip?  Because some of the pitchers are having trouble, a tough time, adjusting to the WBC baseball.
VICTOR MESA MARTINEZ:  No, no, not at all.  We can adjust.  No problem.
It's a baseball.  We don't throw stone or we don't throw a soccer ball.  No problem.  No problem.

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