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March 2, 2013

Geoff Ogilvy


Q.テつ Obviously 1‑over par is an okay round, even par is a very nice round.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ It was nice.テつ I played so well, probably from about the fifth hole onwards.テつ It was a bit rough on the first few holes, as I'm sure a lot of people.
Played really well for the next 13, 14 holes, and I bogeyed 16 from the middle of the fairway, which is a pretty weak bogey, but you're going to do that on a day like this.
So it was disappointing to do that.テつ But to get a birdie on the last to kind of balance that out was pretty nice.

Q.テつ You look confident out there.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ I'm happy with how I'm playing.テつ I could always be making more putts but today was a day to stay out of trouble, and if you had to hit it to 30 feet and 2‑putt, hit it to 30 feet and 2‑putt.テつ Even par for the day was never going to go backwards, it was only going to go forwards, and I did that.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts about tomorrow?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ Well, I didn't really look at the forecast, so if we get another day like today, it's obviously going to be a really tough day out there.
It's a very tricky golf course if you get off track.テつ The rough is very thick, hard to get up‑and‑down if you miss a green in the wrong spot.テつ And when the wind is like this, it's hard to hit it in the right spot.テつ So do the same thing, if I play well again, hopefully I'll have a chance the last few holes, and see what happens.
I putted really, really poorly on the West Coast, and I was hitting the ball quite well, but when you miss a couple of putts, it changes your whole mood, as well.テつ Golf seems so much harder when you're not making those eight‑, 10‑footers for birdies, every now and then when you get a chance.テつ It just seems like a harder game, and things just don't, they are all kind of going the wrong way, which happens when you're not making any putts.
So I'm kind of hitting the ball similar how I was, even though I didn't grow up on bermudarough, had some pretty good times on bermuda.テつ I'm much more comfortable on it than I am on some of the West Coast greens, at the moment, anyway.テつ Similar to what it was; I just holed a few more putts than early in the week.テつ And I think that kind of gets everything else happening.

Q.テつ Making that birdie putt at the last must make you feel really good going into tomorrow.
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ Yeah, if you hit the ball next to the green on a par 5 in two, you kind of want to make birdie.テつ It's the first day I've gone for the green.テつ But it the first day it's turned downwind a little bit, kind of down, crosswind and so I had a chance to get there.
It was a pin that you could get up‑and‑down if you miss a green to the left, so I thought it was pretty safe, just slash it out to the left, and thought I felt like I hit a better shot than I did and got unlucky to go over the green.テつ The chip was about a C, but I hit a pretty good putt.

Q.テつ Feel like hard fork for a 70?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ It's hard work when you're 2‑over after two.テつ That wasn't too much fun starting like that.テつ But from five onwards, the par3, I hit it really well.テつ Felt pretty comfortable out there.テつ Felt like there were birdie chances out there but there wasn't that many.
It's hard to hit it close.テつ You have to‑‑ I've blown days, I've had big scores on days like this or blown chances on days like this before just by getting a bit impatient and forcing birdies.テつ I was quite content a lot of times out there to hit to 40 feet and 2‑putt.テつ That's kind of the play out here sometimes on a day like today.

Q.テつ When you're playing well, getting to 10 and 11‑‑ kind of the key to the round?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ Yeah, 10 is really, really hard, and 11 was a pretty brutal pin for the wind today.テつ Lee and I both hit pretty good shots in there but it's a pretty scary shot, that second shot into 11, because the wind is all wrong for that shot.テつ It's into off the right and you kind of want down off the left.
So yeah, that's pretty nice.テつ You can hit good shots on 10 and 11 and go 5, 5.テつ And then there will be some guys if you didn't quite catch a tee shot, you can't get there on 10 probably.テつ I had 250 pin on a par 4 which doesn't happen very often; driver, 3‑wood.

Q.テつ Is patience the key tomorrow?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ If it plays like this again, I think so.テつ As I said, I guess you just have to recognize the times where you have to 30 feet and 2‑putt is pretty good.テつ If you don't, if you're not comfortable with the club in your hand, it's just a really tough shot.テつ You don't want to hit it in the water or a bunker shot.テつ Just find your spot 30 or 40 feet away and 2‑putt it and wait for your chances to make birdies.テつ Because there's plenty of them out there.テつ If you drive it in the right fairways on some of the downwind holes, like 18, and if you get the right club in your hand, or 15 or 17, you can make birdie on those holes.テつ But some of the holes with water and stuff, you just have to stay out of trouble if you can.
I knew I was playing well enough to be doing all right.テつ 8 was a nice birdie, but again, that's one of the ones that you hope to take your chance if you get one on 8, because it's a 3‑wood and a wedge hole today, and you don't get many of those out there today.テつ I hit a great drive on 9 and had a good chance there.

Q.テつ Did you pull that at all?
GEOFF OGILVY:テつ The tee shot?テつ About three or four yards.テつ Not a lot.テつ I was trying to go over the last tree on the right and it went about four or five yards in.テつ I hit it there Thursday, similar line and it just didn't make it and it was playing 20 yards shorter than it did on Thursday, so I figured the trees were a pretty good line.

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