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March 2, 2013

Paula Creamer


Q.  Perfect timing, you got in just in time.
PAULA CREAMER:  I know, my goodness gracious.  We saw it coming and we're thinking okay, we'll probably all just finish, but honestly I'm shocked that they didn't get the last hole in.

Q.  One consolation for not being in the final group.
PAULA CREAMER:  Exactly.  Sometimes it has its perks of being second to last.

Q.  Let's talk about that back nine because what a start you got off to on 10, 11 and 12.
PAULA CREAMER:  I did.  This golf course, I seem to play the back nine a lot better.  I think I hit one fairway on the front nine.  So I was kind of struggling a little bit here and there.
On the back nine I just felt really confident, a little more comfortable.  Made a bogey on 16, but that happens and just trying to get another birdie coming down the stretch.

Q.  What a great finishing hole, as well.
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, dinner will taste a lot better, especially not having to grind it out on the last hole.  Just look forward to a good day tomorrow.  This is much more than what I ever expected to be in, in this position right now, and just to keep enjoying it.

Q.  You're just two shots back, I know the win for you has been a couple of years in the making; how do you feel about tomorrow's round?
PAULA CREAMER:  I feel great.  Like I said, I'm just so pleased to be out here, and let alone to be in contention on Sunday.  That's just beyond my imagination of what I thought even teeing it up on Thursday.
It is what it is.  I'm just going to go out and try to smile as much as I can and enjoy the great game of golf that we play.  And sometimes you have to kind of get a little riled up and you feel those kind of emotions again.

Q.  You'll be playing with Stacy Lewis and Na Yeon Choi who I know you must know very well; who do you think is going to be the big threat out of those two?
PAULA CREAMER:  You can't really say either one; they are both such great players.  They obviously have won numerous times and they are playing well.  I think it's exciting when you do have so many people that are kind of in the mix, and I think this golf course, three or four groups in front of us to be aware of, as well.

Q.  You have a head start because you're in the clubhouse and they are still in the 18th?
PAULA CREAMER:  That will be good, try to get some treatment again and get out here.

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