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March 1, 2013

Graham DeLaet


GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ I had a bit of a skid there kind of in the middle of the round but it was nice to make some birdies coming in, especially it's kind of getting dark near the end. テつGood round all in all, I'm pretty happy.

Q.テつ Overall, to end up 7‑under going into contention for the weekend, has to be a nice feeling for you?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Yeah, I knew going in today, you do a lot of thinking in the hotel all day, but I knew that if I could just kind of shoot‑‑ I was just trying to shoot under par on each nine and I knew if I did that, I would probably be right in the mix.テつ I shot even on the front and couple under on this side and did pretty much what I wanted to do.

Q.テつ When you see that yesterday's leader didn't make the cut, he had a rough day today; you know things can go wrong in a hurry on this course?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Yeah, I didn't know that, but this is kind of one of those types of golf courses.テつ You can make bogeys and doubles and they can start running together and snowballing really fast.テつ I had that rough patch, but I was just trying to stay patient, knew that I was playing well and nice to make some birdies coming in.

Q.テつ Pretty good fan support; are you surprised by that?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ A little bit, yeah, I'm not sure why they are cheering for me, but it was a lot of fun out there today and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ What changes do you feel like you need to make?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Well, I've got to hit more fairways than I did today, that's for sure.テつ I hit it really well yesterday.テつ You know, I made some good saves today to hang in there.テつ But you have to get the ball in the fairway if you want to score out here, so that's going to be the main goal tomorrow.

Q.テつ You recovered well on the back nine, 17 and 18 are a bit of a struggle for you.
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Well, 17 is just a tough hole, straight downwind today.テつ You want to make sure you get over that water and I'm sure there's a lot of balls in that back bunker.テつ And then on 18, I actually, my second shot, I hit through the fairway but I just misjudged the lie.テつ Thought I was going to hit it 100 yards and ended up going about 160.テつ That was kind of a bad break but like I said, I was just trying to stay patient and finish it off.

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