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March 1, 2013

Boo Weekley


Q.テつ 3‑under today for 7‑under total.
BOO WEEKLEY:テつ Yeah, it was a good round.テつ I mean, I struggled a little bit out there today with a little bit of mud balls, but other than that, I putted the ball well again today and made some putts where I should have made them.

Q.テつ Well, you look very steady with the putter.テつ What's going on?
BOO WEEKLEY:テつ Just we changed some things up, did a little breathing treatment, did a little breathing.テつ We've been working on some things with my coach, Scott Hamilton, and once we started with that, he kind of showed me some things that I needed to work on, and was just focusing in on that.

Q.テつ 7‑under thanks to a final birdie putt, flat stick is working for you this week?
BOO WEEKLEY:テつ So far it's been pretty good.テつ We've made some good putts where we needed to and me and my caddie, Barry, he's helped me read some putts while I was kind of in between what I needed to do, and it's there right now.テつ I had two 3‑putts today that kind of puts a little thorn in your side, but other than that, everything's been good.

Q.テつ You tied for second here back in 2007, but haven't had a ton of success here the last three years.テつ What's changing for you this week?
BOO WEEKLEY:テつ I don't know, I'm feeling more comfortable with my coach.テつ We are starting to get going in the right direction.テつ When you get a feeling good about it and I'm healthy again, so, I mean, everything's coming together.

Q.テつ Heading into this week, we've seen scores really all over the map so far in round two.テつ What are you expecting conditions‑wise and what are you seeing out there on the course?
BOO WEEKLEY:テつ I mean, today‑‑ yesterday we played it up and today we played it down, and on the front side, I didn't have as many mud balls and on the back side it kind of got a little muddy on us.テつ If the weather stays like it is, we don't get no more rain, it should be fine.テつ And the wind, I can't believe it ain't blowing.テつ Every time I've been here, the wind's been blowing.テつ If it stays like this, scores will get even lower.

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