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March 1, 2013

Paula Creamer


Q.  A fantastic round of 67, how do you feel?
PAULA CREAMER:  You know, I'm feeling all right.  It comes and goes.  Near the end of the day, it gets a little sore.  That's to be expected.
But like I said yesterday, I'm just glad to be out here and playing golf, and I have no expectations whatsoever.  It's funny how when you play a little bit betterthat happens. 

Q.  Playing better, you're playing brilliant, a round of 67 and you really came alive on the back nine.
PAULA CREAMER:  I don't know, it takes me a little while to get me used to my arm out there.  It's really my shoulder that's kind of bugging me, and just trying not to force things early on and it gets loosened up as the day goes on.
However, it does get more fatigued by the end of the round.  But I take the birdies when they come, and so far I've played the back nine pretty well.

Q.  4‑under par, now the front nine seems particularly tricky, imagine just to get around in level par, maybe 1‑under, you have to feel happy.
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, it's a great golf course.  There's really no easy stretch out there.  You can take advantage a little bit on the par 5s, obviously No. 4 is a tricky hole just off the tee, there's just so many choices that you can do.  And I like that; I like having a golf course where you can be a little more strategic out there and make the caddie work a little harder.

Q.  Are you going to make your caddie work hard this afternoon and have a chance to relax?
PAULA CREAMER:  Colin has done such a great job.  I'm lucky to have him.  Obviously I have not been able to play the golf course, so all of these numbers are new to him and going out there and working really hard.  He's making it a little bit easier for me.

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