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February 28, 2013

Graham DeLaet


Q.テつ Missing only one green in regulation‑‑
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ I really felt like I was in really good control, kind of working it against the wind and trying to land it soft, playing to the fat side of the greens, it's tough out here, and you know when you're missing greens and that kind of thing.テつ So I was just trying to kind of play safe and I was able to make some putts on the front nine to kind of get a little more momentum going.

Q.テつ You had ball‑in‑hand on a soft golf course, you shoot a beautiful round at 5‑under, are you surprised scores are not lower?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ A little bit, however the wind was blowing pretty hard this morning and as we played it calmed down, so I would expect some pretty good scores here in the afternoon.テつ But I'm thrilled, it's a good start for me and I hope they keep it going.

Q.テつ How is your body feeling?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Pretty good, actually getting better and better all the time still, working hard at that but at the same time, when you go through an injury, you realize how lucky you are to be out here and I just try to cherish any time I'm near the lead like this, I hope that I can enjoy the next three days, as well.
I played really nicely, I was able to make a few good putts early in the round and get a little momentum going.テつ I was just hitting a lot of kind of smart shots to the safe part of the green.テつ 5‑under is a good score out here.テつ

Q.テつ With the conditions with the rough up and it being a little soft, do you think that's going to be the key the rest of the week?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Yeah, this is a golf course that you have to really hit good shots.テつ You can save yourself with a few putts here and there but if you're hitting it poorly, it's going to eventually catch up to you.
That's the plan is getting the ball in the fairway, especially when you have got lift, clean and place.テつ I got pretty lucky on 13 today.テつ I hit a perfect tee shot and I was right in a fluffy, sand‑filled divot and I was able to move it outs.テつ Who knows, might have been easy to hit that shot heavy and make a bogey, so I feel like I stole half a shot there because of the lift, clean and place today.
I think that there is going to be some good scores in the afternoon because the wind is starting to die.テつ You know, good score all in all.

Q.テつ What did you hit into 18?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ 2‑iron, I was in the fairway, just cuts over a little bit.テつ I had 229 front edge, so I was just trying to make sure I got that out.

Q.テつ With the weather being cooler and you being a Canadian guy‑‑ it's supposed to be kind of cool all week.テつ Do you feel like that plays into your game at all?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ I mean, I guess we all kind of have to deal with the same things, but at the same time, I know a lot of guys, I heard guys talking in the locker room how it's going to be cold this weekend, supposed to be mid 60s, and that's not too bad for me.テつ I'm the opposite, when we are in places really hot like Memphis and Mississippi, I struggle in that kind of weather.テつ So this is perfect for me.

Q.テつ What was working for you?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ I really felt like I was in perfect control of my irons.テつ I hit a lot of fairways as well, maybe not quite as many as I would like to. テつI missed a couple; 16 cost me a little bit, hit it in the fairway trap there.
I just felt like I was hitting a lot of smart shots to the safe part of the green and I made a few putts on the first seven holes which obviously helps and it kind of gets the momentum going.テつ I was playing with a lot of confidence and it felt good.

Q.テつ Obviously really great round for you, your thinking is maybe there might be some low scores this afternoon, but you have to be happy with what you've ended up with?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ No question, I would have taken 5‑under par before I teed off this morning for sure.

Q.テつ You're still working pretty much on your own game?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ I've been working with Gabriel Hjertstedt with my short game for the last couple years. テつHe actually met me down in Miami, Saturday, Sunday and we worked here Monday and Tuesday.テつ So everything is feeling really good.

Q.テつ Where did you practice in Miami?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ We went to Doral one day and then we played at La Gorce.テつ Then we went up to TPC Eagle Trace, kind of almost on the way up here on Sunday.

Q.テつ Did you get together with David at all?
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Not yet.

Q.テつ Talk about your season up to this point, I know a Top‑10 at Farmers.テつ Recap your year for us.
GRAHAM DeLAET:テつ Yeah, I think all in all, it's the best that I've done on the West Coast with my short history on the PGA TOUR.
But you know, you feel like when you get the chance, especially on Sunday at Riviera, I played really well, and I just couldn't get any putts to fall.テつ I had five lip‑outs there, so that was disappointing.テつ But I still finished 21st and I made enough money where I feel like I have a comfort level, and now I can kind of really try to play some golf and try to put myself in position and not worry about the Money List or anything like that.

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